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We all know that plumbing problems are extremely frustrating and a big headache. Our experts at PIC Plumbing fully understand the trouble failed plumbing and drainage cause. We are the best in San Diego when it comes to plumbing services, sewer drain cleaning and repair.

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Do you need plumbing services in San Diego? We know that DIY projects are all over the place, but your home’s plumbing is very crucial to the smooth running of your day to day activities. You shouldn’t risk the damage and personal injury trying to resolve your plumbing issues yourself. PIC Plumbing has all the latest tools to handle any kind of residential and commercial plumbing needs. Whether it be unclogging the drain or patching the slab leaks to cleaning that backed-up sewer line and repairing the water heater, we’ve got you all covered. We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our prompt and reliable staff is focused on providing you the peace of your mind by keeping your home free from all plumbing problems.

When you hire PIC Plumbing, we will send a certified and qualified plumbing expert at your place to inspect and fix the issue. Our technicians who come for inspection will never force you or even attempt to sell something that you don’t need. They will also provide you with an exact and fair evaluation of the service and explain in layman’s language on what went wrong and how much you can expect to pay to get it fixed. From clogged drains to those dripping faucets, from sump pump failure to sewer backflow, we can handle all kinds of small and complex jobs.

The certified technicians at our company are fully certified and have been hand selected based on their experience and expertise. Apart from their skillset, we also pick them based on their overall knowledge and knowhow of the task. This is why our company has always stayed ahead of its competition by providing the best technicians to meet all your plumbing needs.

Our company has been serving the San Diego county for the past several years by providing best quality services at the most competitive price. Once you get a taste of our services, you will be spoiled for anything else. We are very proud of ourselves to be capable enough to solve any kind of problem that our customers have, and are always keen to add your success story to our company’s growing list of happy and satisfied customers.

Whether you have running water issues, low water pressure, dripping faucets, slab leaks, broken garbage disposals or tankless water heat, PIC Plumbing has the solution to everything you need.

PIC Plumbing company was built on the foundation of trustworthiness, independence, excellent customer service and reliability of our service. We have been providing five-star level plumbing services to the people of San Diego for decades. You can rest assure that we will guaranteed help you get rid of your plumbing issues. Call us today to schedule a free of cost plumbing service estimate.

We’re Always Ready To Handle Your Plumbing Repairs

At PIC Plumbing, we strive to provide honest and reliable plumbing services to address all your plumbing needs. Whether you need replacement, repair, maintenance or new installation, we are always available at your service. You can trust that our plumbers will be there at your place on time and will help you get rid of all your plumbing issues.

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to Handle Your Plumbing Problems

At PIC Plumbing, we keep your best interests at the top of mind. We’re the honest and reliable plumbers to call whether you need a repair, replacement, maintenance or a new installation. Trust that our plumbers will be there on the double when you have plumbing troubles! See what we’re all about by watching this video.

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▷🥇Backflow Prevention in San Diego

Backflow Prevention in San Diego, CA Nowadays, the installation of backflow prevention devices is compulsory for houses and buildings as backflow creates continuous trouble for public water supplies. Most commercial buildings have already equipped their offices with backflow prevention devices to avoid any problem. If you ever

Plumbing Repairs For Homeowners to Know

Plumbing is one of the most natural things to do in the house as a homeowner, but in some cases, it may require a plumber to handle it. There are some plumbing services we can do by just tightening bolts, replacing a device, or wrapping silicone tape.

🥇Benefits of Video Inspection San Diego

How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work in San Diego? Drain or sewer line blockage is one of those problems that require an immediate solution. Pic Plumbing is the best in the town to deal with such issues. Our well-trained staff has the right equipment to precisely point

Why You Should Contact a Plumber If You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure

Even though low water pressure can be annoying, it could indicate more plumbing problems. Several things can cause low water pressure in your home. If you’ve noticed water flow has changed unexpectedly, you will have to contact a professional San Diego plumber. The plumber will conduct an

Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pipes in Top Shape in San Diego

How to Keep Your Pipes in Good Condition with Water Pipe Repair San Diego CA Things last longer if you do take care of them. The same things happen with the plumbing system. Regular maintenance and services keep your system intact. If you need a contractor for

Causes Of Drain Clogs in San Diego

Common Reasons For A Clogged Drain in San Diego The drained clogs are a common observation that we encounter daily. We can take several measures like using a drain screen and plunger to fix them temporarily. These temporary measures won’t hold for a longer time. You will

What Is a Reverse Osmosis System in San Diego?

Reverse Osmosis Systems in San Diego Sometimes, city water treatment efforts are enough to keep the water clean for your health. For your health’s safety, installing the water treatment system is a must to ensure safe and clean water. Depending upon your residential area, it is unsure

What’s in Your Drinking Water in San Diego?

Common Drinking Water Contaminants in San Diego The water we are using for washing and cleaning purposes is not a pure form of water. This water contains several types of dissolved chemicals and minerals in it. All of these chemicals are not harmful. Some minerals are for

How To Maintain Water Heaters During the Winter in San Diego

Does My Water Heater Need Winter Maintenance? Pic Plumbing’s answer to this question is simple: YES! You do need maintenance for your water heater in the winter season. The reason is simple. During the winter season, you want the best working of your water heater for which

Fixing Pinhole Leaks in Pipes in San Diego

Be Cautious of the “Pinhole” Leak in Your Copper Pipes Some people don’t take minor leaks seriously, and there is no such thing as a minor leak. There is a saying that “A shoo-in time saves nine” similarly, it is applicable for minor leaks. A leak can

What To Do If Your Toilet Overflows in San Diego?

Dealing with an Overflowing Toilet in San Diego If there is a plumbing problem, Pic Plumbing knows how to deal with it quickly. Among many nightmares, toilet overflow is one of them. That happens to almost everyone. Pic Plumbing knows how you feel when such a mess

What are the Top Ways My Home Wastes Water in San Diego?

7 Ways Water Is Wasted in a House in San Diego Each year, people waste an alarming amount of water around the globe. Poor habits of people, old plumbing appliances, and faulty plumbing that need repair are the few reasons for water waste. For any defective plumbing

Why Do My Drains Smell in San Diego?

Discover Why Your San Diego Household Drains and Water Smell so Bad Blocked drains have bad smells because of a lot of factors. The key is finding the source of the foul odor and identifying it, making it easy to get rid of. For Drain Cleaning In

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters in San Diego

Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It in San Diego? Cold showers, especially in winters, are one of the hardest things to do in life. No one likes to do that. Even washing dishes seems like a troublesome task when you don’t have constant access to hot water.

Water Heater Repair & Water Tank Replacement Service in San Diego

Complete San Diego Water Heater Repair & Water Tank Replacement Service Water heaters are essential appliances for comfort and need to be cleaned and checked out on time. They have multi-purposes from washing dishes, to washing your hands safely to taking relaxing, hot showers. If you find

Why is My Water Coming Out Dirty in San Diego?

Why is Brown Water Coming from my Pipes in San Diego? Plumbing problems occur commonly and tend to waste a lot of water. There must be a problem of polluted water in most cases, and you must be using it unknowingly. For Plumbers In San Diego CA,

Do Tankless Water Heaters Run Out of Hot Water in San Diego?

Can a Tankless Water Heater Never Run Out of Hot Water? Water heaters are essential appliances for comfort and need to be cleaned and checked out on time. They have multi-purposes from washing dishes to washing your hands safely to taking relaxing, hot showers. If you find

Drain Clogs And Camera Pipeline Inspections: What, Why, And When?

If you are a household owner, you must agree with the fact that plumbing is the most ravaging problem one can encounter. Indeed! You must agree to the fact that once in your life you must have experienced a drain clog. Relatable enough? In this blog, we

3 Common Toilet Tank Issues

  Although the toilet is one of the most important parts of the home, it is not usually the favorite topic of discussion for some. Just like any part of your home, the toilet will require technical attention at some point, and you would need a highly

How Much Money Can You Save By Fixing Your Drain Line in San Diego

3 Ways Your Leaky Drain Line Costs You Money Plumbing problems are usually ignored and gone unnoticed. That is why the idea of a plumbing company visiting your place to check leaks and pipes may sound unusual. Maintenance on an annual basis is incredibly essential to ensure

Summertime Plumbing Tips in San Diego

3 Plumbing Tips for Summer in San Diego! A house always needs maintenance on and off. Plumbing or sanitary related issues are common to affect your home, but you need to choose a well reputable, well experienced, highly professional plumber. If you live in San Diego, you

Tips on Saving Water at Home in San Diego Ca

Ways to Save Water at Home in San Diego Ca We’ve said it previously: with regards to your home, your pipes system resembles the veins or circulatory system in the human body. Without plumbing, your home life would be seriously upset. Much the same as a specialist

Ways You Can Maintain Your Drains

A lot of homeowners don’t usually pay attention to the drains not unless there is an obvious problem. They’ll only start panicking when there is a clog and the water is not running as it should after a storm. You can save yourself money and heartaches when

Signs That Show You Have A Water Leak

Plumbing issues can be very frustrating, and it can range from simple clogging to complex leaks. While some plumbing issues are obvious and easy to spot, others take time before they are noticed, and this results in more severe problems. Leaks are one of the most elusive

What is a Residential Grease Trap in San Diego Ca

Residential Grease Trap Installation in San Diego Ca On the off chance that you know about the expression “oil trap,” it’s most likely from a business point of view. In spite of the fact that oil traps are frequently connected with eateries and bigger organizations, they can

Prevent Toilet Clogs During Quarantine in San Diego Ca

Keep Your Toilet From Clogging During the Lock down in San Diego Ca At the point when you’re stuck inside your sheltering set up, your latrine’s well-being out of nowhere turns out to be essential to you. The exact opposite thing you need is to manage obstructs

Managing Your House Bills During Coronavirus San Diego Ca

How to Manage Your Bills During Lock-down in San Diego Ca Sheltering in place is changing your everyday lives in a thousand different ways. Shockingly, even your bills are no special case. Since you’re investing the entirety of your energy at home, you’re most likely using your

Residential Water Heater Safety in San Diego Ca

Prepare Your Water Heater for Wildfires in San Diego Ca Water heaters are a need nowadays. These heaters have eased our lives to quite some extent. But these heaters have also proved to be fatal for the people. Heaters have been involved in provoking a fire in

The Best Way To Clean Your Drains in San Diego Ca

How to Unclog a Drain in San Diego Ca As a San Diego property holder, you most likely have your home groundwork for summer in full apparatus. With ventures like preparing the yard for outside engaging, we’re speculating your plan for the day feels as though it’s

How To Save Water in San Diego Ca

Simple Ways to Conserve Water in San Diego Ca HERE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO In our blog, we addressed the significance of stopping the water while you shave and brush your teeth. We likewise talked about how shorter showers can assist moderate with watering in the

What is a Leach Field in San Diego

Leach Field and Leach Field Problems San Diego A leach field, otherwise called a septic tank drain field or leach drain, is an underground exhibit of punctured pipes neighboring the septic tank. The drain field is liable for expelling contaminants and debasements from fluid after it leaves

Why It’s Important to Schedule Pipe Inspection in San Diego Ca

Signs You Need to Schedule Pipe Inspection in San Diego Ca Eventually, everybody has encountered a significant drain stop up. Actually, it’s one of the most well-known pipes issues property holders face. You may figure your fluid pipe cleaner will work, or you may continually make a

Plumbing Tips To Save Water At Home in San Diego Ca

Plumbing Tips to Save Water in San Diego Ca We’ve said it previously: with regards to your home, your pipes system resembles the veins or circulatory system in the human body. Without plumbing, your home life would be seriously upset. Much the same as a specialist would

How to Maintain a Water Heater in San Diego

General Maintenance for Water Heaters in San Diego Ca The water heater’s worsening conditions may not affect you a lot directly sometimes, but you get affected ultimately. If you get to get a shower and the water is freezing, when your heater decides to completely give up.

How To Build a Drainage Catch Basin in San Diego Ca

Building a Drainage Catch Basin in San Diego A seepage or drain catch basin is a built waste structure with the sole reason for gathering rain water or snow melt and moving it to neighborhood conduits, predominantly through underground piping.  Drain catch can be especially helpful in

Plumbing and the Environment in San Diego Ca

Repairing Your Drain Line Can Protect Both Your Wallet And Earth in San Diego It doesn’t make a difference in the event that it is a kitchen sink fixture, a trickle from a bath, or a running latrine: 10% of United States family units have extreme breaks

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency in San Diego

When Is The Time To Employ An Emergency Plumber? In need of an emergency plumber! That is never something we would like to experience; however, it is a part that one household must play anyhow. There are no good and ideal times for plumbing emergencies. It may

Make Sure to Flush Water Lines Before Reopening your Building in San Diego

Flushing Water Lines Before Reopening a Building PROTECT RETURNING EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS BY FLUSHING WATER LINES Entrepreneurs and property supervisors are energetically anticipating reviving their structures. As we get ready to return to work environments and figure out what our new ordinary resembles, it is essential to

When to Call a Professional Plumber vs. DIY Projects in San Diego Ca

 Do It Yourself Plumbing or Call a Professional Plumbing Contractor? It is by all accounts the manner in which we live today-approaching Siri or going to YouTube for guidelines on the most proficient method to settle everything from how to succeed at Poker to how to fix

5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Drainage System in San Diego Ca

Five Ways to Maintain Your Drains We’d prefer to take a couple of moments to talk drains. Let’s face it: how regularly do you focus on all the drains in your home? For most, it’s presumably not regularly enough. Numerous mortgage holders possibly consider their drains when

Sewer Camera Inspection and Drain Cleaning Services in San Diego

Professional Drain and Sewer Cleaning with Free Camera Inspection in San Diego California Are your drains stopping up? Do you have terrible smells in the kitchen or clothing region? We can help. We give proficient drain and sewer cleaning services to all San Diego County nonstop.  Drains

Hydro Jetting Services in San Diego Ca

Clogged Drains: Hydro Jetting & Drain Cleaning Managing troublesome depletes or stopped up pipes? In case you’re seeing water backups in your sinks, latrines, showers, or different apparatuses, you may have a stop up. These issues can be more than mellow bothers. They can prompt various water

Top 3 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Lining in San Diego

3 BENEFITS OF CHOOSING TRENCHLESS SEWER LINING Drain issues are not something you should ignore. While clearing the clog is only the first step, the second is to figure out where the root of the problem is. The best way to do so is with a camera

How to Locate Your Sewer Line in San Diego

How to Find Your Sewer Line All the drains in your home lead to one fundamental sewer line, which goes into the metropolitan framework or to your septic tank system. Knowing the area of your sewer line is vital, particularly when issues emerge including stops up, backups,

Five Simple Ways to Keep your Drain Clean in San Diego Ca

Five Key Ways to Maintain Your Drains We’d prefer to take a couple of moments to talk drains. Let’s face it: how regularly do you focus on all the drains in your home? For most, it’s presumably not regularly enough. Numerous mortgage holders possibly consider their drains

Professional Drain Cleaning in San Diego Ca

Drain Cleaning in San Diego A Brief Overview of Drain Cleaning in San Diego Stopped up drains are one of the more typical plumbing-related issues experienced by families in San Diego and are brought about by an assortment of reasons. Researches show that about half of people

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer in San Diego Ca

A Guide to Preparing Your Home for a Stay-At-Home Summer The official beginning of summer is just half a month away! Furthermore, this late spring, a greater amount of us will probably be remaining at home after CDC COVID-19 Guidelines. A full family unit implies you’ll be

Most Common Toilet Tank Problems in San Diego Ca

3 Common Toilet Tank Issues Here PIC plumbing, we love discussing toilets. We know it’s not generally a most loved discussion subject for a few, however, hello, the way to joy is doing what you love. Also, some portion of the activity we love incorporates these porcelain

Plumbing Services Available 24 Hours in San Diego Ca

24 Hours Plumbers San Diego San Diego is home to businesses of all creeds and ratings. There are plumbers available for the ease of the residents of San Diego 24/7. Well trained and certified plumbers that specialize in emergency plumbing services await at firms like PIC Plumbing

How Long Should a Garbage Disposal Last in San Diego Ca?

How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last? On the off chance that great practices are set up waste disposal, or garburator, should last well longer than 10 years. Find out about the variables that can affect waste disposal life expectancy and the standard support and waste disposal fix

Common Causes of a Smelly Shower in San Diego Ca

Why does my shower drain smell? Shower drains can begin to smell for a few normal reasons. Mold or mildew may be developing underneath your drain spread. Your p-trap could be breaking down, permitting sewer gas to ascend through your pipes. Or on the other hand, there

Commercial Plumbers in San Diego Ca

What is Commercial Plumbing?   A building cannot operate in optimal conditions without the services of a plumber. Users of a building need to have safe water for use and waste must be disposed of in a healthy and safe way. This can only be possible through

Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions in San Diego Ca

Plumbing FAQs San Diego The plumbing system is the backbone of the house. Faulty plumbing can bring a lot of troubles and affect the smooth running of life itself. The problems may vary from minor to major, And associated adversaries shall prove to be accordingly. These plumbing

Residential Plumber In San Diego

What is Residential Plumbing in San Diego Ca? At PIC Plumbing, we deal with all types of residential plumbing problems in San Diego and the surrounding areas, including Alpine, Allied Gardens, and Alta Vista. Either you are concerned with a broken sewer pipe, water line breakage, clogged

How to Prevent Backflow in San Diego Ca

What Causes Backflow and How to Prevent It? A very common problem in the early 19th century was the backflow of water through pipes. After someone has washed and drained the waste, it gathers in the pipe and flows back to the top; Either be a sink

Importance of Water Pipe Repair in San Diego Ca

The Importance of Repairing Pipe Plumbing Leaks It is very important to repair and maintain the water pipes timely. It ensures the continuous supply of water and also helps to avoid the cost of replacing water pipes caused because of leakages and burst in pipes. 71% of

Plumber or Plumbing Contractor in San Diego Ca

Plumbers versus Plumbing Contractors : What’s the Difference? It’s always been a common confusion amongst the people of San Diego while deciding to hire someone for plumbing services. There are two types of plumbing service providers. E.G The plumbers and the plumbing contractors. This blogs aims to

Common Plumbing Issues You Should Never Fix Yourself

Enlisting the help of a professional to repair problems around the house can be an expensive affair. Maybe you’ve experienced a home appliance break down before and had to pay an exorbitant amount to fix it. One poor experience can cause you to avoid consulting experts altogether

Why Good Plumbing Equipment Is a Smart Investment

As a homeowner, you want to save on repair costs as much as possible, especially if damages can be easily remedied. Buying the most expensive equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the highest quality possible. Purchasing reasonably priced and durable equipment is always a smart solution to

3 Reasons You Should Hire Experts to Clean Your Drains

A smart homeowner knows that the best way to avoid expensive renovations is making sure that proper maintenance is done to the sensitive areas of a home. This includes dealing with outdoor electricals, ventilation management, and indoor plumbing. Keeping your home clean and fully operational Many people

What You Need to Know About Tankless Water Heaters

We all need hot water in our homes, and if your current one needs a replacement already, you may want to switch to a tankless water heater. Also known as an “on-demand” unit, tankless water heaters in San Diego are gaining popularity.  What Is a Tankless Water

The Importance of Sewage Piping Care and Maintenance

Sewer pipe leaks are an issue that can get extremely unpleasant if not addressed quickly. As complicated as these piping problems may seem, they are actually easily manageable once the root of the problem is established. Fortunately, there are many innovative modern-day technologies and solutions to sewage

3 Reasons It’s Better to Hire a Professional Plumber When Replacing Faucets

Your plumbing system plays a pivotal role in delivering clean water and removing waste properly. However, it is easy to overlook until problems start causing trouble in the kitchen or bathroom. When it comes to replacing your worn-down faucet, many can handle taking it as a weekend

3 Common Causes of Leaky Faucets and How to Prevent Them

Leaky faucets and clogged pipes can be a significant inconvenience for homeowners. Ignoring the incessant dripping of water can be a waste as even a minor leak can pour a whopping three gallons of water down the drain, which is why understanding the reasons behind the standard

3 Must-Have Qualities to Look For In a Commercial Plumber

Plumbing is an integral feature in any property, but it’s an entirely different ballpark when it comes to commercial buildings. A malfunctioning plumbing system can compromise the entire productivity of a company in more ways than one – be it in an office, restaurant, malls, and other

How to Detect a Sewer Pipe Problem

Do you suspect a sewer pipe problem in your house? Is there a strong sewer odor, or is the toilet making a gurgling noise? Sewer pipe issues must be addressed right away. If not, they can cause severe damage that can compromise the entire plumbing system of

Why Regular Plumbing Maintenance Shouldn’t Be An Option

The plumbing system is a critical part of your home. From portable water delivery to waste disposal to heating and cooling systems, you rely heavily on your plumbing system. It is used every day, so it needs to be maintained regularly. Waiting for it to malfunction is

5 Common Warning Signs You Need to Call a Plumber ASAP

A well-functioning plumbing system is essential to the comfort of every household. Just imagine or recall the inconvenience you have to go through when you have a clogged drain, burst pipes, or leaky faucets. While you can easily solve some plumbing issues by yourself, other issues would

5 Steps to Take When Experiencing Bursts Pipes at Home

One of the worst nightmares any homeowner can deal with in their property is a burst pipe. With water leaking everywhere, possibly flooding the house, you might find yourself scrambling to call up the plumber while thinking about what you can do before the expert arrives. Fortunately

Emergency Plumbing Services in San Diego

Need an Emergency Plumber in the San Diego Area? Plumbing is a long and very tiring process. It needs patience and endurance (for households). Though it is a very important part of daily life, most of the plumbing issues can wait; To be solved. There is not

Signs to replace/repair the water heater

Signs It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Water Heater in San Diego In most of the houses, business centers and offices; Having warm water is a must for day to day living. It is used for bathing, dish washing, cooking, laundry and most importantly for frequent

Plumbers in San Diego

Plumbing Company in San Diego The modern cities and towns are the great product of civilization of mankind. Tall and huge architectural monuments, wide and metaled road structures and great industrial zones – All of them somehow rely on the plumbers to run smoothly, though not completely

Is Hydro Jetting a Better Option Than Snaking?

Plumbing Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting in San Diego The drains, being the heart of the plumbing structure at a place, need to be inspected and cleared on a regular basis. Clogs usually form in the drain pipes causing blockades and problems like: running sinks and toilets, leaking

Instant Solutions To The 5 Most Common Plumbing Issues

5 Most Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions in San Diego A very common problem during the current lockdown faced by most of the households around the world is the unavailability of professionals to solve basic maintenance issues. e.g. Plumbers, electricians and gardeners service providers have been shut

Top 3 Innovations In Water Heaters

Advances in Water Heating Technology in San Diego Water heaters at a certain time in history (20th century) were considered to be a luxurious good and reflected the availability of wealth to a household. But with the time it has certainly become a necessity – Not only

Five Plumbing Innovations You Must Know About In San Diego

Technological Advances and Innovations in Plumbing To keep the human race as civilized as we are innovations must continue! And plumbing sector is one of the key areas where innovation is needed the most. To keep the densely populated and congested mega cities livable; kitchens, washrooms and

Plumbing Repair Secrets From Experts in San Diego

3 Plumbing Secrets Unveiled in San Diego Plumbing is a task usually associated with professional plumbers. People usually avoid trying to try fixing any plumbing issues by themselves. Research shows that most people in San Diego do not fix even their clogged sinks. Because cheap plumbing services

Why Should You Opt for a Tank-less Water Heater?

Are Tank-less Water Heaters Better? Water heaters were a luxury and with time and space, they converted into a need of households. It has become necessary for day to day life activities. Water heaters over the course of their history have evolved immensely. From iron and metallic

Detecting plumbing leaks, made easy

How Do Plumbers Find Hidden Leaks? It’s not been a long time ago, when to detect a leak in a pipeline; Land had to be dug following the pipe. Wherever there was wet or damp mud found, the place was further dug and the pipe repaired. A

4 Most Common Causes of Blocked and Clogged Drains

What Are The Most Common Reasons Of Clogged And Blocked Drains? The drains are the heart of any plumbing project – The fancy tubs and tiles would make any sense if the drains are not working well; And ultimately shall get ruined because of faulty drains. Blocked

3 Simple Hacks to Unclog Drains

What Are Some Effective Ways to Unclog My Drain? Drain clogs are the most occurring phenomena of plumbing problems. Usually professional plumbers in San Diego are hired by most of the people to do this task. As households lack the knowledge about warning signs of drain pipes

2 Simple Ways To Clean Sinks And Bathtubs

  How Can I Keep My Bathtub and Sink Clean? As an old quote goes, ‘First impression is the last impression’. It’s the first impression of a place, person or a product that usually sticks into one’s mind. Have you ever wondered, what draws your first impression? 

Our Plumbing Guide: When Is It Time to Call a Plumber?

There are plumbing issues that you can easily tackle on your own, but others? Not so much. When the water pressure is low, cleaning the showerhead and checking the water meter valve is usually the go-to fix. When the trap under your sink leaks, you can always

How to Properly Drain Your Home’s Plumbing System – Our Guide

Draining your plumbing pipes is an inevitable part of being a homeowner. While it is not a frequent occurrence, the need for plumbing maintenance will arise at some point in your life. Problems involving your plumbing system often mean that the pipes need to be drained, which

4 Guidelines to Follow Before Hiring an Emergency Plumber

There is nothing more concerning than a plumbing emergency that can strike any time to your household. Chances are, you suddenly have no water supply at home, have a dripping faucet, a bursting pipe, or worst, an unexpected flood in your basement. When one of these occurs,

DIY the Smart Way: A Beginner’s Guide to Independently Identifying Leaks

For a lot of homeowners, plumbing-related problems at home are best left in the hands of a professional that can get the job done. Even a minor leak can warrant a call to the emergency plumbing services provider. To the uninitiated, this is a rule that must

Cleaning Bathtubs: Should You Use a Drain Claw or Baking Soda?

There’s never not a time to start early with your spring cleaning. As a homeowner, one of the most challenging tasks in maintaining a home is keeping it clean and organized. It’s one thing to deal with dust on your floor, and another altogether when it comes

How to Know If You Need Emergency Water Heater Repair

You rely on your water heater to deliver consistently hot water throughout your house. However, sometimes it can malfunction, causing poor performance. When this happens, it’s essential that you know which conditions require an emergency water heater repair and which conditions can wait. How to Know If

3 Habits That Will Help You Prevent Clogged Drains – Our Guide

There are a lot of things that people tend to take for granted until problems arise, and they’re left confused as to what to do next. A great example of this instance is clogging. Because it’s a rare occurrence, people usually overlook the possibility of their bathroom

The Truths About Drain Cleaning – What to Know

When it comes to home maintenance, people love to find out tips and tricks or fun facts, which is why probably you’re reading this right now. Such ideas can be acquired from friends, family, or in most cases, the internet, and tend to be popular among many

3 Reasons You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure – What to Know

If you’ve gotten acquainted with your home’s faucets and showers for quite some time now, then chances are that you know to spot when you’re having a normal day and when there are problems brewing. While there may be a wide range of different problems that you’ll

4 Types of Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet – What to Know

For many homeowners, the toilet can easily seem like an indestructible fixture that you can throw nearly anything in. However, the truth is that your bathroom throne isn’t as formidable as you may think. Every year, thousands of households in San Diego inadvertently run into varying degrees

6 Common Plumbing Mistakes You Should Always Avoid – Our Guide

It feels good to be able to fix something without calling a professional to help you out. However, when it comes to your property’s plumbing system, it’s often that DIY-ing it just turns it into an even bigger problem. As such, don’t let this happen to you!

4 Areas to Check for Water Heater Leaks – What to Know

A water heater provides the household’s domestic use of hot water, whether it be for cooking, cleaning, bathing, or space heating. Unfortunately, your water heater can be subjected to wear and tear over time, causing some issues. One major problem encountered is a water heater leak. This

4 of the Most Common Reasons for Having Clogged Drains – What to Know

As a homeowner, most likely you only pay attention to your drains when they get clogged. No one can deny how much of a hassle it is to fix a clogged drain. Being elbow-deep in the drainage, you might be wondering, “How did it get this bad?”

4 Plumbing Issues to Watch out for That Cause Mold & Mildew – What to Know

Mold and mildew are detrimental to any household. It gives off a nasty smell, and its presence makes your house look dirty and unpresentable. If you noticed that your home is suffering from what seems to be a fast-spreading fungus, then it’s time to get those water

3 Plumbing Parts at Home That May Need Modern Upgrades – What to Know

If you live in an old home, it’s highly likely that your plumbing system is already outdated. Your plumbing pipelines, fittings, and fixtures may have become damaged over time. If not, they are no longer suited for modern uses and applications. For these reasons, your entire household

5 Indications of Water Discoloration at Home – What to Do

Water discoloration is something that not every household would want to experience. Imagine seeing reddish, greenish, or brownish fluid emanating from the taps in your house. You won’t be confident enough to drink the water or take a shower in your bathroom. What does this indicate? The

Sewer Gas: The Reason for Bad Odor in the Bathrooms

Bad odors and scents are commonplace in bathrooms, basements, and other secluded areas, but when they’re permeating the house, it’s already a problem. A regular bad scent should waft away with proper ventilation. However, if it recurs regularly, then the inspection of a skilled plumber will be

Faucet Water Colors: What They Mean & What the Problems Are

The water that’s coming out of your household faucets should be colorless, right? The least you would want to see is your water in reddish or greenish hues. When this occurs, you have to get in touch with a plumbing service to look into the root cause

4 Tell-Tale Signs That Your House Has Plumbing Problems – What to Know

Your house’s plumbing system is one of the most important structures to maintain within your house. Although largely unseen, the pipes hidden away within your walls work constantly to keep your house supplied with running water. A house’s plumbing maintenance processes can actually make or break your

3 Ways to Prevent Mold Growth in The Bathroom – What to Know

Bathrooms are a sacred place where people can freshen themselves and keep clean no matter where you are in the world. Seeing as restrooms share a universal purpose, it’s no surprise how each of us also fights the same house-keeping battles that nobody wants to bring to

6 Plumbing Problems That Require Professional Help – What to Know

Plumbing problems are typical occurrences that even expensive homes experience. While some people think that the progressive aging of their water system is the main reason for such problems, keep in mind that it’s not always the case. At times, it is the wrong system set-ups or

Plumbing 101: Disposable Wipes – Are They Really Flushable?

Many homeowners are confronted with various plumbing issues at home from time to time. They probably face leaky faucets, sewage backup, clogged drainage, water damage, or even flooding. One major concern is how household members aren’t wary of flushing solid materials down the drain, such as tissues

What to Know about Sewer Content Backflows at Home

Can you imagine if your sewer contents backflow to your home? Aside from being disgusting and repulsive, it leaves your entire water system unusable. The more troubling concern here is that a backflowing sewer could be a symptom of an even more significant underlying problem with the

3 Causes of Basement Sewage Backup & What to Do – Our Guide

According to the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, the rate of sewer backup incidents is currently increasing at a rate of three percent a year. A sewage backup is a perennial problem that many households are facing. It occurs when water comes up or is pushed into your

Choosing the Right Size of a Tankless Water Heater

While there are benefits that come with using a tankless water heater, the size still does matter. Sure, you can take advantage of its consistent water supply, longevity, easy installation, energy reduction, and temperature control. However, the size of your tankless water heater can impact its overall

What You Need to Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Many homeowners have long been using the traditional water heater. This typical water heater consists of a tank where the water is stored and kept hot round the clock. However, the tankless water heater has been newly introduced in the market. What exactly is a tankless water

Why You Should Get a Tankless Water Heater – What to Know

Water heaters are essential, no matter what the weather is. We all want to enjoy a hot shower that will not leave us with trembling bodies. Have you considered a tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters are also referred to as on-demand water heaters. It’s called “on-demand”

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Tankless Water Heater

When selecting water heaters, there is a wide variety of options available to choose from according to your preferences and needs. You may opt for a conventional storage tank, but when you’re planning to give your existing unit an upgrade, then you can consider going for a

3 Common Drain Problems That Require Professional Plumbers

When it comes to handling our home’s plumbing system, most only put professional plumbers on speed dial when major problems arise – from poor water pressure, constant leakage, flooding, and more. However, you can avoid spending so much on repairs and cleaning flooded sinks by keeping a

6 Signs You Have a Main Sewer Problem – What to Know

No homeowner wants to deal with a broken plumbing system, especially when it can cost them a lot of money. The plumbing in your property isn’t only about the pipes within the walls of your home; it is also about the main sewer line that you need

Call for Plumbing Contractors When These Piping System Mishaps Happen

If you’re a homeowner, understandably, you’d want to save money by delaying professional services. After all, why solve the problem now when the conditions aren’t that bad—yet. However, some instances will require you to call for professional help. For instance, the situations listed below are good indicators

5 Major Drawbacks of DIY Plumbing – What to Know

The process of installing the plumbing system or repairing some parts can be a bit complex. Think about the pipes and fittings, fixtures, and drainage. All these components work together to create a functional plumbing system for your bathroom, kitchen, and even your garage. The unfortunate thing

Leaking Pipes – Their Causes, Problems & Solutions

Did you know that according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average household’s leaks can accumulate to more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year? Think about leaks from dripping faucets, toilet flappers, and showerheads. Leaking pipes can spring from a handful of factors

3 Potential Problems to Expect From a Dirty Drain

Many homeowners strive to keep their home spick-and-span from floor-to-ceiling. That’s why people pay attention to the dust that collects on surfaces – from sweeping up dust bunnies to washing linens on a daily basis. There’s no doubt that cleanliness is put at the forefront in residences,

6 Benefits of Using a Tankless Water Heater at Home

Many households have a water heater to heat up water or store hot water for domestic uses. Whether for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating, a water heater is undoubtedly useful for household purposes.  Many homeowners make use of traditional water heaters — those with tanks. Today,

Reasons Why Slab Leaks Can Be Dangerous For Your Home

Leaks can often be annoying and expensive, from leaky faucets, showers, to toilets. While there is no such thing as good leaks, some pose more threat to the safety and health of your family more than meets the eye.  Slab leaks, for instance, are one of the

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Home’s Plumbing

At one point or another, you may have thought about doing our own plumbing because of the tiny bit of experience from all those shop classes or similar stories from friends that surprisingly turned out successful.  After all, taking on your own home’s plumbing seems like a

4 Warning Signs of Plumbing Problems That Post-Millennials Should Know

Young people, particularly post-millennials, often overlook housework and maintenance problems as the current economy means that most can only settle in rentals. However, hidden issues can arise even in rental accommodations, so knowing how to identify the warning signs can save you from dealing with costly consequences. 

4 Plumbing Parts to Protect During the Cold Season – Our Guide

The plumbing system plays a crucial role at home in distributing water for a wide range of applications. You want to make sure that the pipes, valves, fixtures, tanks, and other plumbing components are all in perfect shape and condition. However, there’s a vast difference in protecting

Plumbing Hacks – This Common Plumbing ‘Hack’ Can Damage Your Toilet

Lifestyle hacks are supposed to help improve your quality of life. You’ll find numerous household tips on the internet holding promises of making your life easier. There are also lots of handy hacks related to plumbing, such as helping unclog toilets, keeping drains running freely, and preventing

Urinal Installation

Urinal Installation San Diego How can you install a urinal? As much as of a good question that is, you should always leave such a task to experts like us where we have the best urinal installation and repair plumbing company in San Diego. Not only we

Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Sump Pump Installation & Repair in San Diego Most likely you are here because your home or office is equipped with a sump pump. Sooner you will realize that keeping your sump pump in optimal condition is extremely important. This is why it is important for you

Storm Area Drain Cleaning

Storm Area Drain Cleaning San Diego Does your home have the respect of web hosting service a surprise drain?  If it can and it requires a thorough cleaning, call the best surprise drain cleaning company in San Diego.  A storm drain is really a drainage system that

Slab Re-Piping

Slab Re-Piping in San Diego In the event that you or Plumbing related & Drains Alternatives has determined a slab drip, then you are going to need to think about the alternatives that you have when it comes to caring for your problem.  To be able to

Sink Installation

Sink Installation San Diego Whenever you think of plumbing, sinks are usually not the first thing that comes to mind. As a matter of fact, we barely think about sinks. Recently, more and more people are looking at their bathrooms as places that needs high level of

Sewer Clean Out Installation

Sewer Clean Out Installation San Diego Your drains are one of the most important part of your home plumbing system. Still, not enough attention is given to its care and maintenance and this usually result in some very serious backups of drains and the sewers. This is

Gas Line Re-Piping

Gas Line Re-Piping in San Diego For optimum effectiveness and safety of one’s gas appliances, it may be necessary to have your gas lines re-piped.  At the best gas lines re-piping organization in NORTH PARK we have the very best reputation for fuel re-piping in your community.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection in San Diego If you are using natural gas for the appliances or heating, you may in a natural way take into account having the ability to detect a potential gas leak.  Fortunately, the best gas leak detection corporation in San Diego can detect

Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair in San Diego Garbage disposal unit have actually become an essential part of a cooking area’s home appliance package, similar to a sink and faucet. Without them, getting rid of food residue can end up being tiresome and even pricey if your

Water and Gas Emergency Shut Off Valves

Water and Gas Emergency Shut Off Valves in San Diego What would you do if there was an emergency in your home? Do you know how to turn off the gas to your appliances? And would you know how you can turn off your main gas service?

Drain Repair

Drain Repair in San Diego Do you need a repair service for your damaged drain? If your house’s or business drain is repeatedly clogged irrespective of what you have done to them, there is a likelihood that it requires something much more intensive than just drain snaking

Drain Maintenance

Drain Maintenance in San Diego Your home’s or business’s drain lines can be compared to the circulatory system of your body. Like your body has lines in place to bring the body the fluids that it requires and also ensures that not only does it keep the

Cast Iron Replacement

Cast Iron Drain Replacement in San Diego Replacing your existing case iron drains and the pipes is a bit of a tricky task and you should never attempt to do this by yourself after watching some DIY video on the YouTube. This is why, you should call


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