▷Bathroom Fixtures To Your Beauty Routine In San Diego

Add Cleaning Your Bathroom Fixtures To Your Beauty Routine In San Diego

Bathroom Fixtures To Your Beauty Routine In San Diego

When you step into a lavish bathroom, you know that someone put in the effort to make it feel special. The decor is often opulent, and everything from the fixtures to the fluffy towels smells nice.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always how it goes down. A lot of people have dirty bathrooms because they don’t clean them regularly. As a result, your beautiful new shower curtain is collecting mold on its underside. Your sink faucet has toothpaste on it from when your roommate had a last-minute work meeting. And there are random strands of hair on your floor, just a few inches away from where you brush your teeth every morning!

Fast forward several months and these conditions start to take their toll — on your shower head, there’s a new white watermark, so you don’t have to wonder if it gets dirty from the steam. Your sink faucet starts to run slowly, and your toothpaste has taken on an orange tinge.

It’s not convenient for anyone when something breaks down in the bathroom. But it is easy to minimize these inconveniences by following these simple steps below:

Cleaning Your Shower Head

If you haven’t cleaned your showerhead in over six months, you probably end up using less water than normal because of how disgusting it can be. The hard mineral deposits that build up will reduce the flow of the water, making your showers take longer than they need to. And that buildup can leave streaks all over your glass shower door and make the entire room look dingy.

To avoid all of this, simply pour half a cup of vinegar into an old plastic baggie. Then stretch the mouth of the baggie around your showerhead, so you have a tight seal. Hold it there for five minutes so that vinegar seeps in to scrub away any buildup. After five minutes have passed, carefully remove the bag to let everything dry out before using it again!

Cleaning Your Fixtures

Before you start cleaning your bathroom fixtures, take note that not all are created equally — or even remotely similar. So certain tactics may be more effective on others than they are on others. For example, some people find success with lemon essential oil, whereas others prefer using baking soda, which also will cut through soap scum.

Just make sure you use a bar of mild dish soap with warm water to clean most fixtures. And if the job seems daunting, consider purchasing a cleaning brush set or maybe even an inexpensive handheld steamer. With some detective work and elbow grease, your bathroom can feel cleaner than ever before in no time!


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