5 Major Drawbacks of DIY Plumbing – What to Know

The process of installing the plumbing system or repairing some parts can be a bit complex. Think about the pipes and fittings, fixtures, and drainage. All these components work together to create a functional plumbing system for your bathroom, kitchen, and even your garage. The unfortunate thing about your plumbing system, however, is that one little mistake can lead to a whole bunch of problems. Any damages on the system’s parts and components will need to be fixed immediately.

When it comes to plumbing installation or repairs, homeowners take the DIY route or leave it to the professionals for plumbing services. The truth is, plumbing is a crucial job that’s better left to the experts. However, some do perform DIY plumbing even if they don’t have the knowledge, skills, and expertise. That said, here are the five major drawbacks of taking the DIY route for your plumbing:

1. Damaged pipes

It’s easy to move plumbing parts and components out of place during a DIY plumbing project. Whether it’s a DIY installation or repair, fixtures may end up loose without you knowing it. The worst thing that can happen is that you damage a pipe when you hit it hard. This only worsens whatever problem you were trying to fix. When you turn on the water, you’ll see water leaking out of the damaged pipe, and this will require you to call an expert for plumbing services—something you should have done in the first place.

2. Water leaks or flooding

As mentioned, water leaks can happen due to a broken or disturbed pipe. If you insist on doing a DIY repair, the worst thing that can happen is that you end up flooding your house. What may start as a slow-dripping problem may turn out to be a major disaster, resulting in extreme water damage. Not only will you end up being forced to clean out your basement to remove water leaks, but you’ll have to contact a professional plumber to address the situation.

3. Use of harmful drain cleaners

When dealing with a simple plumbing problem, you may be using a drain cleaner to get rid of the clog. But here’s the catch: after doing so, you seem to have encountered another problem. As you turn on the water, it seems to back up instead of flowing down the drain. This is a common household occurrence, so you better think twice about using a drain cleaner. Not to mention, drain cleaners are harmful to people, animals, and the environment—overall something to avoid.

4. Improper repairs

Many households insist on doing an easy plumbing fix on their own. Without proper knowledge and skills, they end up causing more harm. For instance, using the wrong type or size of a washer can be an ineffective fix. Even repairs of the dishwasher or water heater don’t only involve plumbing but electrical connections as well. If you mess up big time, you may cause a fire outbreak and inadvertently set your kitchen on fire.

5. Costly expense

With improper installation and repair of your plumbing system, it all boils down to one thing: a costly and easily preventable expense. When you mess up, you’ll need to call a professional to fix the damage you created, costing you much more than if you had just called the plumber for the initial problem. Not to mention, performing improper repairs can lead to a long-term problem that’ll not only drain your wallet, but will affect the living situation in your household.


If you insist on installing your plumbing or repairing its parts and components yourself, you may be confronted with the problems outlined above, from burst pipes to flooding to improper repairs—all resulting in costly expenses. If you don’t have a robust knowledge of plumbing and the required skills to perform installation or repairs, hiring professional plumbers is the best option to take.

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