Plumbing Hacks – This Common Plumbing ‘Hack’ Can Damage Your Toilet

Lifestyle hacks are supposed to help improve your quality of life. You’ll find numerous household tips on the internet holding promises of making your life easier.

There are also lots of handy hacks related to plumbing, such as helping unclog toilets, keeping drains running freely, and preventing nasty odors.

Some tips might seem too good to be true, and you must keep in mind that not all of these are useful and effective. On the contrary, some can cause more damage than good, so you must be cautious when following those tips.

A classic example is a popular toilet cleaning hack that has been going around the internet.

So, What’s This Harmful Toilet Cleaning ‘Hack’?

Lots of people swear by this cleaning “hack” of pouring laundry detergent or washing up liquid into the toilet tank. This is supposed to keep your toilet clean and smelling fresh even without having to scrub it every day.

However, many plumbers warned against this household tip as it could be harmful to your toilet and leave you seeking a plumbing repair job. This is because laundry detergent is specially designed for clothes, and it leaves a film on fabrics to keep them softer. In addition, washing up liquid contains salt, which has corrosive properties.

Even though this hack might leave your toilet smelling fresh at first, these substances will build up slowly over time and can cause damage to the moving parts within your toilet system. Because of this, plumbers suggest using only products specifically manufactured for toilets.

If you are concerned with keeping your toilet germ-free in a safe way, here are some tips on avoiding causing damage to your toilet’s plumbing system:

Take Precautions When Following Cleaning Hacks

Household tricks might seem helpful at first, but this could cause you problems in the long haul. It’s advisable to do your research first before following any cleaning hack or pouring any powerful cleaning agent into your plumbing system to avoid any damage.

Consulting reliable plumbers in San Diego for plumbing repair or seeking advice to clean toilets effectively without causing damage to your plumbing system can also be helpful. They are experts in the field, and they completely understand how plumbing systems work.

Regularly Clean Your Toilet to Keep It Smelling Fresh

If you’re looking for a hassle-free cleaning hack that is safe for your plumbing system and keeps your toilet fresh, there’s no better way than to regularly clean your bathroom.

We understand that no one wants to do the dirty work by themselves, but regular cleaning surely helps keep the odors at bay and your toilet sanitary. Make sure to use regular cleaning products that are designed for toilets, such as bleach and toilet gel.

If there are still nasty smells despite your regular toilet cleaning, there might be a problem with your toilet’s plumbing system. This case calls for professional help, and the best thing to do is to reach out to a dependable plumber who can fix your plumbing issues.

Let us help you deal with your plumbing problems. Whether you need drain cleaning or plumbing repair in San Diego, you can be sure that we have the tools and know-how to address your needs. Contact us today to schedule a service request.