3 Habits That Will Help You Prevent Clogged Drains – Our Guide

There are a lot of things that people tend to take for granted until problems arise, and they’re left confused as to what to do next. A great example of this instance is clogging.

Because it’s a rare occurrence, people usually overlook the possibility of their bathroom or kitchen drains getting clogged. If you experience clogging, however, you need to have your drainage checked right away.

Clogging is an extremely inconvenient situation, so it is best to take preventative measures to avoid such an annoying circumstance.

Here are some habits that will help you decrease the chances of having clogged sinks and drains:

1. Avoid flushing leftover food down the sink

You probably already know that the main reason sinks and drains get clogged is due to flushing bits and pieces of food down them. Despite that fact, some people fail to notice that they’re still doing it.

If you want to prevent your sink from getting clogged, avoid flushing down food no matter how small you think they are. Particularly, you should never flush oily, greasy, or powdery substances down the drain as these can stick to the walls of the drain pipe and accumulate over time.

Practice proper waste management and dispose of leftover food in the bin where they rightly belong.

2. Make it a habit to check hair buildup

A typical scenario in the bathroom is when the drain doesn’t suck up the water as fast as it should, and it starts to flood the shower room, only for you to discover that there’s hair buildup right on top of the drain. While the solution for this is relatively easy (just remove the hair buildup, and you’re good to go), it can be a cause for a more serious problem.

Hair can slip through the drain holes and accumulate over time, causing a more serious clogging problem from within the drain pipe. When this happens, simply removing the hair build on top of the drain will not solve the problem. The collection of hair seated deeper inside the drain will prevent it from sucking up the water, flooding the shower area.

Make it a habit to always remove hair before and after you use the shower. Every once in a while, conduct some maintenance of the stopper and clean it using a cleaning agent.

3. Don’t use products that contain acidic properties

Even if such products solve your clogging problems, chemical cleaning agents will corrode the drain pipes that may cause a bigger issue over time. As the acid breaks down the inner pipe wall, the scraped material may get caught up, and as more of these accumulate, you might end up with a worse clog that’s more difficult to fix. Additionally, the corrosion can weaken the pipe walls, leading to leaks or bursting of the drain pipes.


It’s best to remember that clogging is not entirely avoidable. Due to daily wear and tear, drainage systems will get clogged at some point. Having said that, you still want to prevent or delay it from happening. By following these habits, you’re avoiding an inconvenient and frustrating situation to the best of your ability.

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