Detecting plumbing leaks, made easy

How Do Plumbers Find Hidden Leaks?

Easier Ways to Detect Plumbing Leaks in San Diego California

It’s not been a long time ago, when to detect a leak in a pipeline; Land had to be dug following the pipe. Wherever there was wet or damp mud found, the place was further dug and the pipe repaired. A long, tiring and time consuming process it was, that required a lot of effort. But with the passage of time technology has made the task a lot easier. And new techniques are brought forward for the ease of detection. 

A leak in the past was not less than a severe headache but thanks to the technology that our yards, gardens and metal roads can be saved. As for leaks to be found, they need not to be dug completely. Plumbing leak detection in San Diego is not very expensive and is very effective. It is done by using sound waves, tracer gas, loss analysis and thermal imaging by high qualified and trained professionals.

Three of these techniques used by plumbers in San Diego are briefly explained below.

  1. Sound test.

Whenever a pipe is broken or cracked and leaked is caused, the leak can be detected by the sound it makes – Kind of a hissing or whooshing one. An acoustic ground microphone is run along the pipeline, the headset connected to it registers the noise and voices underground. Wherever there is a louder hissing or whooshing sound, it means that under that spot the pipe is broken. The larger the size of pipe is, the easier it is to detect the leak. This method is effective for pipes laying a meter below the crust.

  1. Tracing Gas.

This method involves first emptying the pipeline. When a pipe has run out of water completely, on its place a specific gas is blown into the pipeline with pressure. The pipeline travels through the pipeline and at the spot where there is a leak, the gas leaks and gets to the surface. A sensitive gas detector is used to detect the leaked gas, in order to identify the leak. This detector is run along the pipeline; Spots are marked and dug for the repair.

  1. Thermal Imaging.

The above mentioned ways are easier techniques to find leaks, in comparison to the conventional digging method. But still there is a more advanced method available at the disposal. An infrared camera can identify leaks underground by just scanning the surface. A thermal image is formed on the screen and leaks are highlighted. The camera may cost more than the others while buying, but it doesn’t need any maintenance or running charges. All it requires is hot water running down the pipes. 


The advanced technology has brought us ease in every field of life. But these plumbing techniques are not widely used around the world. The spread of these techniques is yet limited and serve the purpose for only highly ranked professional plumbing firms. Plumbing leak detection services in San Diego are both cheap and quick. Firms like PIC plumbing charge a very nominal fee and give you satisfactory repair services too.  The floors, gardens and lawns need not to be ruined anymore.

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