3 Common Causes of Leaky Faucets and How to Prevent Them

Leaky faucets and clogged pipes can be a significant inconvenience for homeowners. Ignoring the incessant dripping of water can be a waste as even a minor leak can pour a whopping three gallons of water down the drain, which is why understanding the reasons behind the standard faulty plumbing is crucial in preventing it in the future. 

Knowing the culprit behind your dripping faucet will also help you determine whether you can take matters into your own hands or need to put a professional plumber on speed dial. With that in mind, the list below explains some of the common causes of faulty faucets:

1. Problems with the O-Ring

The o-ring refers to a small disc that is typically attached to the stem screw, which holds the faucet’s handle in place. Loose or worn-out O-rings tend to cause problems for the cartridge, and since it controls the flow of the water, the end-result of a damaged O-ring leads to leaks near the handle of the faucet. Fortunately, you can quickly solve this issue by replacing the O-rings in the handle. 

2. Corroded Valve Seat

The valve is responsible for bridging the gap between the water pipe and faucet tap. However, minerals can build-up over time as the water travels through the valve seat to the sink, which eventually leads to corrosion. This wear-and-tear can produce leaks surrounding the spout area. 

When dealing with this problem, it’s best to call a professional plumber as it indicates a broken valve seat. They will need to either replace or maintain it regularly. 

3. Worn Out Washer 

Washers eventually wear out since it is forced to rub against the valve seat every use, which is why it’s one of the most common culprits behind dripping faucets. This can be a recurrent problem in compression faucets, but the solution is as easy as replacing the mended washer. 

While it’s easy to replace the washer yourself, improper installation can also lead to leakage, especially when it is not in the right size. With that in mind, it’s best to hire a professional plumber to give you peace of mind that the washer is installed correctly, leaving potential leaks behind for good. 

The Bottom Line 

Faucets are indispensable features in any property – be it a residential home or commercial building. Dealing with dripping faucets can be frustrating and expensive to your water bill. This is why understanding the common reasons behind it should help you prevent the minor inconvenience into a catastrophe later on. 

To that end, hiring a professional plumber should help you fix your leaky faucet for good. Speaking of which, we’re a reliable plumbing company in San Diego that has been serving for several years. 

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