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Emergency Plumbing in San Diego Ca

Plumbing is a long and very tiring process. It needs patience and endurance (for households). Though it is a very important part of daily life, most of the plumbing issues can wait; To be solved. There is not always a need for an emergency plumbing service provider to be called upon. Most households would need to switch to another washroom or get food delivered from a restaurant, for time. 

But it is not always the case. There are times when flags turn red and it becomes a must to call for an emergency plumbing service provider. Below are listed 4 reasons to call an emergency plumber, if the situation prevailed.

  1. Water pipes are broken

If water pipes break, you cannot switch to simply another pipe, but you would have to shut the main valve and stop the supply of water to the house, in order to prevent the house from flooding. Doing so might save your house but it leaves you with no water available. You must in such times call a plumber and get the pipes fixed; Otherwise you and your family shall be great trouble.

  1. Drains are blocked

There are times when blocked drains do not cause a lot of trouble if water even finds a little gateway to drain from. Though sinks and showers will get flooded and cause problems; But it is bearable to an extent. But when the drain gets completely blocked; it can cause an overflow of sewage and uncontrolled water in the house. It can turn the house into a gutter place in no time. If something like that happens, never wait for the water to drain off; Call an emergency plumber and get the drain cleared. Otherwise the house might cost you a lot, because of the damage done by blocked drain.

  1. Water pipes are frozen

When the temperature falls; Humans wear the furs and get themselves soothed in warm rooms, the animals find shelter and try to avoid the cold. But we never think of the effects of cold on our houses – Specifically their plumbing. When it gets too cold, the water in the pipes start to freeze. These frozen pipes then expand if more pressure is allowed and burst. In order to save yourself the trouble and the money, if water pipes get frozen. Shut the main valve and call an emergency plumbing service provider to solve the issue.

  1. If Gas leaks

If you ever feel that smell of gas is filling up the house, wait for no time and immediately evacuate the residents. The gas leakage can be deadly for both the residents and the house. It can suffocate you to death and is highly flammable. The leaks are often caused by old pipes, but never ever try to repair it by yourself. Shut the gas valve, after the house is evacuated; Call a plumbing company with gasfitter available in their staff. And get the problem solved immediately, before it causes any further trouble.


Yes, at times you do not need to immediately call for a plumber during mid night. The issue can wait and can be solved next day with patience. But at times such as mentioned above, waiting an extra minute can cost you a lot. If any of the situations mentioned above prevail in your house, you better take no time and call for an emergency plumbing service provider. The safety of your family and house must be your top priority. We provide affordable drain services in San Diego. If you’re looking for the best plumbers in town, contact us right away.