Have Your Sewer Line Scoped Before Buying a Home

If you are currently trying to buy a house, the last you probably want to hear about is yet another kind of inspection that will cost you money. Unfortunately, a sewer line scope is a crucial inspection that is not included in the typical pre-sale home inspection. Sewer repair can cost homeowners hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the damage.

Very old homes are likely to have some sewer damage which you can leverage to lower the buying price. Alternatively, as the buyer, you could undertake to fix the damage and deduct the cost of repair from the total purchase price. A professional sewer line scope will either save you money in future repairs or give you peace of mind that you are not purchasing a lemon.

What is a Sewer Line Scope?

A sewer line scope is a process whereby a trained technician runs a flexible mini-camera through your sewer line. The camera transmits video and images, which the technician uses to diagnose the state of your sewer systems. The sewer line scope will detect any severe issues, flaws, or malfunctions in your underground pipe system. A sewer line scope will save you from investing in a home with a defective sep[tic system.

The sewer scope technician will generate a report outlining the state of the sewer system in the home concerned. You can rely on this documentation when negotiating a better price with the seller or moving on to consider a different property altogether. Any money you spend on a sewer line scope is a sound investment likely to save you from making a poor house-purchasing decision

The sewer line scope will search for any of the following common issues: clogs or blockages, cracks or damages, inferior construction materials, e.g., clay, root or other obstructions, etc.

Signs your Home May Require a Sewer Line Scope Before Purchase

Essentially all homes should undergo a sewer line scope before purchase. However, homes with any of these signs may require a sewer scope urgently. Houses older than twenty-five years are likely to have an outdated or out of repair sewer line system that could benefit from an inspection. Any shifting, upwards or downwards, of the ground around the home, e.g., front lawn and backyard, could indicate sewer line problems.

Keep an eye out for very old trees because their roots often interfere with the sewer systems, especially the older ones made of clay. Any patches of the lawn that appear dramatically greener than the others could also indicate a sewer leak underneath. Such health is because sewer contents act like fertilizer and promote the growth of lush vegetation wherever there is a leak.

It is better to be safe than sorry. If you are about to make an offer on a new home, slow down and have the sewer line scoped out before making a commitment. There are many professional companies like https://picplumbing.com/plumber/sewer-repair/ offering top-notch sewer line scope services.

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