Can You Do Water Heater Repair And Installation Yourself?

When & Why Would You Need To Hire A Plumbing Contractor In San Diego?


Whether or not you can install and repair your water heater will depend on your handiness with tools. It is possible but not advisable for homeowners to install and repair water heaters without expert help. Apart from the often mentioned risk of serious injury, you also risk voiding your warranty if you choose to do the installation yourself. Hiring a local plumber service to install and repair your water heater is therefore recommended .

Suppose you intend to install or repair your water heater without expert help. In that case, there are many precautions you will have to take to ensure your safety during the process and the efficiency of the heater after installation. This blog will list some essential factors to consider when deciding whether to install or repair your water heater yourself.

Safety First

Installation makes up for the biggest cost when buying a water heater because the process has numerous safety requirements. Not only do you need a permit to install a water heater, but you are also required to have knowledge of the technical requirements of where and how to install water heaters.

Improper water heater installation exposes you to safety risks such as electrocution and fines for violating local safety regulations. Licensed plumbers are usually insured, and you are not liable for any damage that may occur. If you decide to install the heater yourself, be sure to follow all the local legal requirements and the safety protocols observed in plumbing and electrical works.

Tools And Materials Necessary For Installation

Before you can install a new water heater or get to repairing an old one, you will need a good toolbox and some materials. The basic tools required for the job are an adjustable wrench, multipurpose screwdriver, electrical tape, plumbers tape, pipe wrench, safety glasses, tube cutter, tape measure, voltage tester, soldering torch, and a wire stripper.

You will also need these essential materials to repair a water heater, pressure relief valve, discharge pipe, solder, fittings, water, gas piping, venting pipes, and connectors.

Obtaining A Permit And Passing Inspection

Your plumbing codes and regulations are the first detail to consider before buying or installing a water heater. Failure to follow your region’s code to the letter guarantees that you will have to redo everything later and possibly pay a fine for noncompliance.

Call your local plumbing inspection office to find out what permits you are required to apply for. Local licensed plumbers often have an intimate knowledge of these procedures and requirements and will save you time.

Practical Precautions

Improper water heater installation can end up costing more than hiring professional services from the onset. Worse, an amateur job can put you and your family at significant risk. When installing or repairing a water heater, be sure to take all the practical precautions like shutting off your gas, water, and electrical supply. A great way to avoid all the hassle and worry is to call reputable professionals like, who offer a wide range of excellent plumbing services.

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