Common Plumbing Issues You Should Never Fix Yourself

Enlisting the help of a professional to repair problems around the house can be an expensive affair. Maybe you’ve experienced a home appliance break down before and had to pay an exorbitant amount to fix it. One poor experience can cause you to avoid consulting experts altogether so you can dodge breaking the bank for repairs. 

But there are certain issues in your home—especially ones related to plumbing—that you should never attempt to fix yourself. Simple plumbing jobs like installing new faucet handles, changing a showerhead, or fixing a clogged toilet can be handled by the average homeowner, while some problems need to be managed by an experienced plumber. 

Plumbing systems are complicated, and one mistake could lead to the deterioration of the whole unit. Even if a problem seems easy to fix, trying to handle it yourself can lead to bigger issues that may be challenging and expensive to repair. 

Below are some common plumbing issues homeowners like you shouldn’t try to fix yourselves.

Low water pressure

If you’ve noticed that the water pressure in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room is waning, it could be indicative of something more serious going on in the pipes. Some low water pressure issues can easily be fixed by cleaning the aerator on the faucet, but there are times where this simple trick isn’t enough to alleviate the problem. If clearing aerator gunk doesn’t help, then you should consult a professional to check if you have a broken or damaged water line. 

Broken toilets

The toilet is one of the few things in your home that you couldn’t last for hours without. Because of this, it’s in your best interest to leave the repair or replacement work to a reputable plumber. Even if the problem appears easy to fix, repairing a broken toilet requires a thorough understanding of how the pipework and water flow work together. Only an experienced professional is knowledgeable about how a toilet works, so you need to rely on them to fix the problem. 

Clogged drains

Think a store-bought chemical is enough to fix the drainage problems in your sink, tub, or shower? Think again. When you experience clogged drains, your first instinct may be to do a quick supermarket run and pick up a chemical that promises to clear the clog. But most chemicals available on the market contain highly corrosive acids that may inflict further damage to the waterline. You may opt to use snaking devices, but those can push the clog to an area that is more challenging to reach, or the device itself may damage the lining of your pipes. And so even if a clogged drain seems easy to fix, it’s wise to entrust it to a professional to avoid causing extensive damage. 

Lack of hot water

There’s nothing worse than hopping into the shower and finding out that you don’t have access to hot water, or it takes too long for the water to heat up. If the thermostat is not the problem, then it might mean that there is trouble brewing inside the water heater, which a professional can easily identify. It could be a weak gas line or damaged heating components that need repairing. Given that water heaters are costly to replace, the smart thing to do is call a plumbing professional for help. 


As a homeowner, it’s normal to look for ways to save money, but you should never skimp on availing professional services for problems that are beyond your knowledge and skill set. Doing so could result in a larger, more inconvenient problem later on—not to mention a big price tag! You’ll do yourself a favor by enlisting the help of plumbing professionals.

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