▷Avoiding Plumbing Horrors This Halloween In San Diego

Avoiding Plumbing Horrors This Halloween In San Diego

Avoiding Plumbing Horrors This Halloween In San Diego

Halloween is the time of the year when people in spooky costumes and homes are crawling in the streets, showing a scene from a horror movie. Everyone loves Halloween, and this day is not what they expect from the plumbing horrors. Suppose you want to spend your Halloween just as you envisioned without the horrors of plumbing. In that case, you must take all the appropriate precautions to help you escape the complicated problems of plumbing; if you came up with something scary with your plumbing system, it’s time to call in Pic Plumbing’s Best Plumbers San Diego CA

Dumping Pumpkins in the Drain

A lot of pumpkin-fun means Halloween. We all enjoy scooping the orange pulp out of these rigid shells. What we don’t understand is that it can turn all the pumpkin-fun into a total plumbing catastrophe.

It’s an excellent way to get rid of the pulp by disposing of it in the kitchen sink, but it’s going to make your Halloween an actual scene of horror. The pulp you dispose of will clog the drain and bring you into trouble in the kitchen drain. During a Halloween party at your house, nothing could be worse than a clogged kitchen sink. Pumpkin seeds will clog dishwashers as well. So, save yourself a service call fee from a plumber and adequately dispose of your pumpkin seeds, or you can try to dry and eat the pumpkin seeds.

 Washing Out the Paint in the Sink

Many individuals want to paint their faces to make the most of their Halloween holiday by getting into their respective characters. They rinse it off in the bathroom sinks after Halloween is over. It’s a widespread practice among individuals, but you can develop a plumbing catastrophe just because of this habit. 

In the drains, paint can solidify and pave the way for a clogged drain. Also, since it has chemicals in it, it can damage the pipes and cause a huge plumbing problem. Taking a damp piece of cloth and wiping the paint off your face is the best solution. Make sure you place the fabric in the trash bag,

Watch the Kids

If you’re having a Halloween party at your place, you’re probably going to have a lot of kids. Small kids love to dump stuff in the toilet bowls. It can be very troublesome for the homeowner since it can clog the drain in the toilet.

It would be best to make sure that none of the kids throw stuff into the toilet bowl at the party. Removing all tiny things from the bathroom is one way to do so. The more accessories you have in the washroom, the greater the chances of children throwing stuff in the bathroom.

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