▷Main Line Work In San Diego

Main Line Work In San Diego

Main Line Work In San Diego

Once the mainline is installed, individual lines are attached to connect your plumbing system. Main lines can be relocated underground during construction projects with Pic Plumbing.

When installing new homes or commercial buildings that require an existing building’s foundation to remain intact, the project often requires relocating part of a home’s sewer line. Without disturbing any surrounding soil, this type of relocation involves digging up only what needs to be moved and then covering it back over once finished. 

In some cases, depending on how far from its current location you want the sewer line placed in relation to where it currently lies, this process may involve breaking through concrete flooring around where the pipe will lay when completed. This process can be done with a conventional jackhammer or an impact drill.

In cases of trenchless relocations, the only equipment required is a directional boring machine. Also known as HDD, this device uses bentonite slurry and corkscrew-like blades to bore through the soil under extreme pressure without disrupting any surrounding objects during its path. 

This type of system is typically used for mainline sewer work when constructing new homes and commercial buildings over existing foundations where the foundation must remain intact.

Trenchless Main Line Relocation – Pic Plumbing

Sidewalk Construction Projects Sidewalks are built using different processes that require the best plumbing work depending on what method was used to construct them: 

Portland Cement Con (PCC) sidewalks involve a lot of digging and a complicated pipe system where the mainline is run from one side to another. Because PCC requires so much work, trenches have been made smaller allowing for easier underground piping construction during sidewalk projects.

Trenchless Sidewalk Construction – Pic Plumbing, In contrast, asphalt sidewalks require no mainline work because they are attached directly to water mains already in place near the street itself.

This provides an excellent opportunity for trenchless installation, which involves making very small boreholes that create minimal surface disruption when complete. 


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