3 Common Toilet Tank Issues

Toilet Tank Issues


Although the toilet is one of the most important parts of the home, it is not usually the favorite topic of discussion for some. Just like any part of your home, the toilet will require technical attention at some point, and you would need a highly trained plumber to handle this. As a homeowner, it is important to know the possible problems that your toilet may face as well as their common causes, and below are some of them:

A Faulty Ballcock

A Ballcock is what is used to refer to the float ball that operates your toilet tank’s valve. These are usually found in older toilets, and they come in a plunger or a diaphragm type-style. Most modern toilets do not have this; instead, you find a float-cup or a full balance with an arm-style. Usually, the problem with the ballcock can be solved with one or two adjustments. However, it is advisable to switch to a more modern operation. To save yourself from the stress associated with this type of toilet, you can opt for the ones with float-cup styles.

Broken Flush Valve

Another issue you might face when it comes to your toilet is the issues of a broken flush valve. Usually, this part of the toilet is made with plastic or brass and is located at the center of the tank. It is attached to the bottom opening of the tank alongside a float ball situated in the valve to keep the water in the tank at bay until you flush. The flush valve is undeniably one of the hardest working parts of the toilet, and over time, its seal can get damaged. You should always pay attention when your toilet is continually running as this could be a sign of a damaged flush valve.

Low Water in the Tank

Another problem your toilet may develop is a low water level, which often results in an unproductive flush. This problem can also evolve into something more complex, like clogs and blockages. This problem is mostly caused by a faulty trip assembly. This is the part of the flush handle that is attached to the tank. Other causes of low water levels are displaced float balls or fill valves and low water pressure. Whatever the underlying cause of this problem may be, it is advisable not to ignore it as doing so could result in more serious plumbing work.

While some toilet tank issues require only minor adjustments, others require thorough servicing to ensure that they are working well again. No matter how little the problem may be, it is advisable to reach out to a professional for the best results. A good plumbing company should be able to offer you advice, carry out a thorough inspection of your toilet, and give you answers to your questions about plumbing. For more information about Plumbing, visit https://picplumbing.com/

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