Why You Should Contact a Plumber If You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure

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Even though low water pressure can be annoying, it could indicate more plumbing problems. Several things can cause low water pressure in your home. If you’ve noticed water flow has changed unexpectedly, you will have to contact a professional San Diego plumber. The plumber will conduct an in-depth assessment of the pipes to determine the cause of low water pressure and provide feasible solutions.
The low water pressure might look like it’s common in some homes, but it is a sign of a significant plumbing problem in most cases. Let’s take a look at four reasons why you might suddenly have low water pressure in your home:

Tree Roots Growth

Tree roots growing in your pipes are common and are believed to cause low water pressure in homes. Damaged pipes can be prone to this situation. Not only will the tree roots cause leaks, but they will continue to grow and cause blockages. Pipe blockages or tree roots could be the reason you’re experiencing low water pressure in your house. If you hire a plumber, he will detect the problems, remove the roots, and water pressure will be restored to normal.

Corrosion in Pipes

Even though corroded pipes might not be visible from the exterior part of the pipes, corrosion on the interior part makes it challenging for water to flow with normal pressure. Water flow will be restricted. Professional San Diego plumbers understand that corrosion is expected and will advise you to replace the pipes. The plumber will handle pipe replacement, and the issue will be solved.

Blocked Faucets and Showerheads

While it’s rare to experience low water pressure in San Diego, there is still a chance for faucets and showerheads to clog because of the accumulation of minerals in the pipes. The clog will lead to low water pressure in the homes. For plumbers, it will be easy to fix. That’s why it is always recommended to call a professional plumber should you notice that your faucets are clogged.

Other Leak Issues

There are instances where pipes will leak without apparent reasons and cause low water pressure in your house. Not only will you experience low water pressure, but the leaks can damage your kitchen cabinets or floors if the issue is not fixed quickly. If you experience a sudden change in water pressure because of leaky pipes, you need to contact an experienced plumber.
The low water pressure might be a result of another unknown issue in your pipes. If you notice a leak, not only will you experience low water pressure, but you will see an increase in your water bills. To avoid paying more in your monthly water bills, hire a professional plumber or plumbing company.
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