3 Potential Problems to Expect From a Dirty Drain

Many homeowners strive to keep their home spick-and-span from floor-to-ceiling. That’s why people pay attention to the dust that collects on surfaces – from sweeping up dust bunnies to washing linens on a daily basis. There’s no doubt that cleanliness is put at the forefront in residences, but too often people overlook the dirty that builds up beneath the surface. 

Some of the dirtiest parts of a home are naked to the eye – take your drains, for instance. Cleaning drains often take the backseat of people’s priorities as most believe it is unnecessary. After all, seeing as it often runs down with water and soap, it’s easy to believe it’s free from obvious clogs due to the frequent flow of water. 


What to Expect When Drains Get Dirty

The reason behind the common misconception behind drain cleaning is that so long as you don’t put the debris that can clog your drain, your pipe system is good to go. However, blockages in drains don’t necessarily root from trash like hair or food particles. Excessive amounts of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) as the byproduct of your cooking are the real culprit behind dirty drains. 

The constant stream of FOG will coat the pipe’s interior with a sticky residue, which eventually leads to bits of debris and trash that cake up over time. This can result in the following potential problems: 


Bad Smells 

Clogged drains mean there are a plethora of dirty particles that dominate your pipelines, which inevitably leads to the collection of stagnant water within the pipes. Sewer gas can also rise up from the drain system, resulting in a mix of unpleasant odors that waft through the atmosphere. 

Bad smells permeating throughout your home can cause nausea and headache, so it’s in your best interest to put a professional plumber on speed dial as soon as you notice the lingering gases escaping from your drains. 


Water Pressure Issues 

Another byproduct of a blocked drainage system is water pressure issues. This contributes to the clog because it invites hard water that is rich with magnesium and calcium. This means that it collects limescale deposits throughout the inner lining of your pipes. This prompts water pressure issues, which can only be solved with proper cleaning from expert plumbers. 


Development of Health Issues 

In addition to causing water pressure issues, poor drainage, and bad smells, clogged drains can also become a breeding ground for mold contamination. This can invite the presence of harmful microbes and bacteria that can irritate people with chronic health issues such as asthma, though there is also a risk of transmitting a disease by exposing yourself to toxic particles from your blocked drains. 


The Bottom Line 

Drain cleaning may not be on top of your regular to-do list, but it’s important to fix any weak water pressure and signs of blockage as soon as you notice them. This is because dirty drains can lead to bigger problems in the long run, which would only invite more risks to your health and the structural integrity of your home. 

To that end, leave the dirty work to a professional plumbing company as they have the proper equipment and expertise to easily flush your problems down the drain. Speaking of which, We are a professional plumbing company in San Diego, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.