Signs to replace/repair the water heater

Signs It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Water Heater in San Diego
Signs to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater in San Diego California

In most of the houses, business centers and offices; Having warm water is a must for day to day living. It is used for bathing, dish washing, cooking, laundry and most importantly for frequent hand washes. There are also other uses of hot water too but above ones are the most common ones. 

Water heaters though once in history were considered to be luxury, but in modern times it has become a necessity. It is almost installed in every house. But only the installation of a water heater does not finish the work, it needs to be well maintained for a more effective and longer life span. maintenance can be done both ways; By yourself or a professional. Emergency Plumbing services in San Diego are available to ease your tensions anytime but you must first evaluate the issue of whether or not to call a professional plumber.

Following is a list of signs that whenever you see occurring; You must call for an expert – Such as PIC plumbing to solve the issue.

  1. Too Old To Use

Water heaters have a limited life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years. If your water heater has aged the same or more, and is causing you trouble; You should not call for a repair team, rather get a new one installed. If in some cases you do not know the age of your water heater, look for the serial number. It is mostly found on the tank. This serial number does not give you dates, it has a format such as G061193740. The letter tells about the month, which in this case is 7th (July) and the first digits after the letter gives the last number of the year. That here is 6 (2006).

You can easily know how old the heater is. If it has run its course already, change it for good. But if it has time, call for a repair.

  1. Rusty Water.

If the taps start flowing with rusty water, either the tank or the pipes have caught up with rust. This needs to be eradicated swiftly otherwise it can affect the pipes of the kitchen and washrooms. And also the drain can get blocked because of it.

In case of rusty water, you must not waste any time and call a professional to look into it. Either will he replace the tank or pipes following it. Tank does not easily get rusted and mostly pipes cause the problem but it is not a decided thing, keep it in mind that you might end up incurring the expenses of installation of a new tank.

  1. Noisy Water heater.

Rumbling noises sometimes start coming from the tank. This is caused because of excessive use over a long period. When a water heater is used continuously, sediments gather on the base of the tank. It over time gets solidified and can also result in leakage apart from noise. 

But don’t worry, a flush can easily do the job and there is no need to replace your heater. Just make sure to get the heater flushed once a year for a smooth experience.

  1. Leakage.

The most common cause for the leakage in water heaters is the expansion of the surface. Over the time reacting with the constant heat, the tank fabric starts to stretch and leaks are formed. It can also be because of fittings or pipe overflow. Whatever the cause maybe, leakage affects the households badly. It damages the property and ruins it’s looks. 

Leaking water heaters must be replaced because it’s repair does not prove effective. As soon enough the gape rebuilds to direct the same situation again.


Whether it be a case of water heater installation or repair of the water heater. Emergency plumbing services like PIC plumbing come to your door steps to help in no time. Though you must not always rely on them, if the problem is one from the above mentioned list; Waste no time and make a call for the repair or replacement of your water heater. We provide affordable drain services in San Diego. If you’re looking for the best plumbers in San Diego, contact us right away.