Reasons Why Slab Leaks Can Be Dangerous For Your Home

Leaks can often be annoying and expensive, from leaky faucets, showers, to toilets. While there is no such thing as good leaks, some pose more threat to the safety and health of your family more than meets the eye. 

Slab leaks, for instance, are one of the most-feared home repair issues to-date as it leads to serious problems to the concrete foundation of your home. When left unchecked, it can worsen and invite mold contamination, holes, and cracks that can unleash dangerous floods of water into your property. 


What Causes Slab Leaks? 

Finding clay beneath the foundation of your home is often the most common culprit behind slab leaks. This is because the constant shifting of the soil below the concrete slab can put significant strain on the material, which leads to inevitable cracks, holes, and leaks. 

While the problem often starts invisible to the eye, taking notice of the following red flags can save you from potential hazards: 

  • Damp carpeting
  • Warped floors
  • Mold
  • Mildew smell
  • Flooding in your yard
  • Foundation damage 

As soon as you see the early warning signs, don’t hesitate to call your professional plumber to minimize the damages it can unleash in your home. 


What are the Potential Dangers of Slab Leaks to Your Home?


Health Issues

Slab leaks are not something you can put on hold as it can surprisingly leave a negative impact on you and your family’s health. For one, it creates a breeding ground for one of the most silent microbial assassins: mold. 

Other than cosmetic damages, mold spores can cause significant issues to your respiratory tract under frequent exposure. The more spores you breathe in, the more damage it can do to your body, especially to individuals suffering from chronic health issues like asthma as it can trigger major attacks. 

If you or other family members start to experience wheezing, coughing, or asthma attacks out of the blue, it’s best to put mold contamination as one of the primary suspects. Fortunately, professional plumbing companies also offer services that can detect and remove mold in addition to fixing slab leaks. 


Structural Damage to Your Home 

All homes sit on concrete slabs, so any weak spots due to leaks can compromise the integrity of your property’s foundation. This is not a problem you can put on hold, even if you are confident with your materials as the fluctuating water pressure can forcefully shift the foundation and lead to the eventual collapse of your foundation. 


The Bottom Line

Identifying the early warning signs of slab leaks not only minimizes the risk it poses to your health and the structural integrity of your home but also save you a great deal of money. Slab leaks can leave a devastating financial impact when caught too late, but a minor repair can come at a reasonable price. 

Seeing as slab leaks are not something you can fix on your own, it’s best to rely on a comprehensive and affordable slab leak detection service. If you’re looking for a professional plumbing company in San Diego, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.