▷How To Unclog A Urinal On Your Commercial Property In San Diego

How To Unclog A Urinal On Your Commercial Property In San Diego

How To Unclog A Urinal On Your Commercial Property In San Diego

Commercial property is your business, and if you are the owner of one, then it’s your responsibility to take care of the cleaning. One thing that you might have to do occasionally is unclogged a urinal on your property. This blog post will teach you how to do just that! We’ll go over what tools are needed for this job and then show you step-by-step instructions on how to get the job done quickly and easily.

Tools You Will Need

Before you can unclog a urinal, there are some tools that you will need to have on hand. If they aren’t available, then it’s time for another trip to the hardware store! Here is what you should have ready: wrench or pair of channel lock pliers, rubber gloves, bucket plunger, big bag of paper towels

Steps To Unclog A Urinal

Now that you have the tools ready, it’s time for the final steps. Here is what you should do:

Step One: Turn off water and power. Once you’ve gathered all your supplies and made sure there won’t be any interruptions in service, turn off both the water supply and electricity at this point. If someone turns them back on while we’re doing our work, then it will cause further complications!

Step Two: Remove grate The next step is to remove the urinal grate so that we can reach down to where things get clogged up. Depending on how good of condition you are in, they could either come right out or might take some jiggling around.

Step Three: Get to business With your gloves on and plunger in hand, you should be ready for action. The next step is to unclog the urinal by using a combination of plunging and water flushing. This will help get things loosened up so that we can flush them out completely!

Step Four: Turn back on water & power. Finally, after all that hard work, it’s time for us to turn everything back on again. Just reverse the steps from before- first turn the electricity back on, followed by the water supply. Once this has been done, then our job here is complete! Congratulations, now make yourself a well-earned break while you check your phone messages or emails if necessary since no one was around to disturb you.


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