The Importance of Sewage Piping Care and Maintenance

Sewer pipe leaks are an issue that can get extremely unpleasant if not addressed quickly. As complicated as these piping problems may seem, they are actually easily manageable once the root of the problem is established. Fortunately, there are many innovative modern-day technologies and solutions to sewage problems available in the market. Depending on the gravity of the sewage situation, it may be best to repair a pipeline instead of replacing it completely.

Finding the Root of the Plumbing Issues

Many things deteriorate over time, and piping materials are no different. Time may have caused pipes to corrode after years of heavy use, and even though they are built for abuse, exposure to different substances and elements will cause them to weaken. 

If construction works are done nearby, such as repaving or excavating, these often cause pipes to dislodge or sustain physical damages. Growing trees and other vegetation can also pose a threat to pipelines, as overgrowth often is unstoppable and can find their way around and through these lines. 

Damage Assessment

Professional plumbing services and contractors are often the right people for the job when it comes to damage assessment. Pipelines for sewage that are often dug deep underground are not a job for the average homeowner, as DIY methods may end up causing more damage to the property and even harming themselves. 

During an assessment, professionals will determine whether the damage present is fixable through a simple line repair, or if it will require a hefty sewer line replacement. Repairs are a viable option when a pipe is faced with minor cracks or holes, but an entire line replacement must be done when most of the surface is unsalvageable. 

This process is notoriously difficult, but with the right equipment, it can be done with ease. Some of the cutting-edge technologies available include trenchless repair to conduct fixes without massive excavation. Yet, more severe issues would require the traditional approach to conducting reparations. 

What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair? 

This repair method is much cheaper than doing a traditional overhaul, as it uses an epoxy resin for fixes that work alongside video imaging techniques to view the insides of drain pipes. The initial step is to use a pneumatic device to push any possible blockages out of the way, as these may be the causes of sewage backup rather than actual damages.

If the pneumatic push still has not fixed the issue, the insertion of a video camera will provide the plumbing professionals with an internal view of the pipe walls. If cracks or holes are found, a bladder is used to place an industrial-strength epoxy resin that adheres to the pipe and seals leaks. This military-spec adhesive, which was developed by the United States Navy, is built to last for up to a decade and is the chosen compound for repair works with PVC, iron, and clay pipes. 

This method allows pipes to be fixed in a day or two without any expensive excavations, which would often be very costly to conduct. 

Traditional Sewer Pipe Replacement

When a sewer pipe needs to be replaced, this often means that massive damage has occurred to the piping system. This is a job to be done by qualified professionals, as it contains the use of excavation equipment and oftentimes large scale pipelaying jobs. 

This is a more expensive method because of all the manual labor that needs to be done along with the risks of the sewage environment. Although risks are an inevitable occurrence, and pipes have the probability of failing at any given time, proper care for sewage systems can prevent larger-scale damages. 


Trenchless pipe repair jobs typically cost much less than having to replace pipes altogether. This is why it is important to frequently have your sewage lines inspected and that routine maintenance work must be performed. Sewage is filthy and is harmful to people’s lives, which is why a healthy system of home piping is important to keep the grime and dirt flowing away from your home. 

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