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How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Plumbing Fixtures With Faucet Installation San Diego CA

Faucet Installation Services San Diego CA

Nobody likes the unsightly water stains in your kitchen sink and bathroom. In your bathrooms and kitchens, you find white and brown colors due to hard water use. The high content of minerals such as lime, calcium, and silica are found in hard water. Hard water leaves these minerals behind after evaporation. These stains, which are not something you like, are inevitable and can spoil your bathroom and kitchen look. There are efficient ways that your plumbing fixtures can help you get rid of the hard water stains. Try using some of these impressive hard water stain removal methods. If you are tired of observing these unsightly stains in your house or you can call Pic Plumbers for professional service to deal with these hard stains and Faucet Installation San Diego CA. 

Install a Water Softener To Reduce Hard Water

Pic Plumbing is conscious of the hard water in San Diego as a local plumber. Therefore, to avoid water stains on your plumbing fixtures, installing a water softener is a wise thing.

Using Water And Vinegar To Clean Light Stains

You should spray a 50-50 combination of water and vinegar on the stain to clean the faint hard water stains. For this, take a spray bottle, add an equal amount of water and vinegar to it. To clean the light spots, you must use standard white vinegar. Use this mixture on the mirrors or any other objects that have hard water stains on them. 

The faucets and showerhead are washed using the mixture. You can soak the faucet aerators and showerheads in the mix and clean them off after some time. Besides this, by pouring vinegar on the water spots and scrubbing it using a toilet scrubber, you can clean the toilet bowl.

Using Hydrochloric Acid With A Cleaner

Even after washing them thoroughly with vinegar, those hard water stains do not go away. You may use a cleaner with hydrochloric acid in such situations. It is a form of cleaning that is used only when nothing else is operating. One of the most stringent chemicals is hydrochloric acid, and it will seriously damage the skin if your body comes into contact with it. Ensure you wear gloves when using the acid, open all the windows, and turn all the fans on.

Hard water stains can considerably influence the overall appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. Instead of stressing out, you should try to stop spots of rough water. A smart way to avoid calcium deposits from staining the surfaces is also to use a water softener.

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