▷Signs of Hidden Water Leakage in Your Home

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to ignore any leak you find on your property. Many problems can crop up from a simple leak that you failed to address by seeking professional plumbing services. Most professional experts have a vast array of knowledge of fixing water leakage issues without causing more damage. Most people get impatient and look up to DIY water leakage fixing. Even though it is encouraged to have DIY skills, quick fixes on leaks may not work. Some of the issues we see when offering plumbing services are when homeowners try to repair faulty appliances making the situation even worse.

Early detection of any leak is key to a timely repair. We have seen simple issues at Pic Plumbing services that turn into serious leakage problems because of delayed detection. Let us look at some of the signs to look out for to avoid leakage in your home.

Signs to Look Out For

  • Rising water bill – Always check your meter and compare your readings to your normal usage. You can also detect a leak by shutting off all water outlets, not forgetting exterior outlets. If the meter continues to move then, that could be an indication of a leak.
  • Wet patches in surfaces, moldy walls, damp smell, wall color discoloration, and an increase of water-loving insects in your home could be an indication of a persistent leak inside walls.
  • Dirty and smelly water can be from rusty pipes. Especially in old homes that are more than 20 years, piping deteriorates with age and may rust and produce dirty water.
  • A decrease in water pressure could result from water loss in the house pipes due to a leak. Most leakages are hidden underneath, so even if you don’t see the leakage, it is good to note decreasing water pressure.
  • Strange noises like hissing, dripping, or splashing sound in your house, especially in ceilings and the basement, could also come from broken pipes that would need to be checked immediately.

Why Call A Plumber?

Leakage that occurs in hidden areas like in walls or under concrete through underground piping can be hard to pick up but, with modern technology, plumbers do not have to tear down walls to find the source of leakage.

Plumbers use electronic leak detection equipment that quickly and accurately finds the source of leakage. Cameras, ground microphones, listening discs are tools that a trained plumber will use to find leaks.

Apart from rising water bills, neglected wall or slab leaks can cause extensive damage that costs you hundreds of dollars if left unrepaired.

Having a trained plumber to check for leakage or irregular water pressure routinely will give you peace of mind and avoid leakage emergencies.

Get That Leak Checked

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, households leak waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. You can help save valuable water by having certified professional plumbers track common leaks in your house. For a free estimate, reach us on https://picplumbing.com/.

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