Instant Solutions To The 5 Most Common Plumbing Issues

5 Most Common Plumbing Problems and Solutions in San DiegoInstant Solutions to the Most Common Plumbing Issues in San Diego California

A very common problem during the current lockdown faced by most of the households around the world is the unavailability of professionals to solve basic maintenance issues. e.g. Plumbers, electricians and gardeners service providers have been shut down at many places and therefore it’s a high time to become the man of house – Literally – You have to be your own electrician, plumber and gardener for the time being.

Gardens and lights may not be that important during the epidemic but washrooms and kitchens of course are for hygiene factors. And hygiene is on the top of priority lists of Governments around the globe in order to contain the severe crisis. Plumbing is the most important part of these places and it is what attracts all distress.

Following is a list of 5 of the most common plumbing issues followed by brief solutions.

  1. Dripping faucets

It is the most common problem and does not usually cause trouble but it might trouble sensitive people. In order to solve the problem of leaking faucets, all you gotta do is; turn off the supply of water to the pipes of the sink and cover the drain with a piece of cloth or something. This would ease the issue for time being, till a professional gets to examine it.

  1. Slow draining sink.

Slow draining sinks can cause the users a lot of trouble. First of all it may leave stains on the surface, and secondly if it is in excessive use it might fill the sink and that is both unhygienic and does not smell good. With a homemade recipe this problem can easily be brought to an end.

Boil come water, dry the sink using a cloth. Dump 1/2 cup of soda in the drain pipe and pour 1/2 cup of vinegar too. let the chemicals react for a minute and two and slowly pour the boiled water into the drainage. Your problem is solved and you may use the sink normally.

  1. Clogged bath, shower drain and toilet.

Clogged bath or toilet is a trouble all of us always want to avoid. Because it looks really disgusting and is really really unhygienic. A general perception is that such issues must be looked into by professional plumbers as such as PIC Plumbing provides in San Diego. No one wants to get their hands into a toilet. But the reality is that you never have to put your hand in. Follow the simple procedure stated above, just increase the quantity of ingredients used. Pour 1 cup of baking soda and  cups of vinegar in the bath or toilet drain,  wait for a minute or 2, then pour in the boiled water to solve the problem.

  1. Running toilet

A running toilet can easily empty your house tank and increase your water bills.

While opening the flush tank for the first time, it may seem to have complicated machinery. But it is not complicated at all. A round floating plastic container type object is attached to the valve. When the tank is empty it goes down and lets the water drain in but as soon as the water fills in it rises floating in the water and blocks the inflow of water. on the other hand a chain or plastic connector is connected.

Either the issue can be caused because the chain is broken or loose. repair the chain manually or reconnect it and use the flush. Otherwise if the floating object is broken, simply paste it using any permanent glue. The problem is solved and you do not need to worry about the water bills or tank capacity anymore.

  1. Sewer system backup.

This issue is a major one and you would not want to indulge in such a problem at times like these. Backed up sewers can cause you damage of thousands of dollars. Ranging from floors, walls, electricity systems and furniture; Even personal belongings also get damaged because of it. It is usually caused by aged pipes, roots of trees and intermingling connections. If you suspect any of these in your sewer system then be alert, for some measures might be able to save you.

First of all grease must be disposed of correctly. Cooking oil should be cooled and disposed of, not in the drain. because grease would subsequently cool down and solidify itself in the pipes. Washing it down the drain with hot water would not help, that is only a general misconception because it will ultimately cool down and cause trouble.

Paper products must not be thrown into drains. Be it diapers, paper towels or ladies’ products; These all are products that do not deteriorate easily. These would pool together, block the sewer and cause it to backup. 

If there are large trees around your house and sewer system, try to make sure that the roots get trimmed or cut off timely. So that it does not affect the flow.


To be able to solve the common problems by yourself is very important and effective. It saves your time of bringing in a professional and saves your money too. Many of the common issues can be dealt with easily through homemade and practiced measures. But it is a must that you contact a professional plumber as such as provided by PIC Plumbing San Diego to solve the more complex and severe issues. e.g. You can only be careful to not get the sewer system damaged but if done so, you cannot repair it. You cannot repair the water heater and other technical equipment. if you live in San Diego do not be fooled into hiring expensive services, PIC Plumbing provides cheap plumbing services 24/7 in San Diego. Feel free to call us!