Is Hydro Jetting a Better Option Than Snaking?

Plumbing Snaking vs. Hydro Jetting in San Diego

Hydrojetting vs Snaking Which One is Better in San Diego California

The drains, being the heart of the plumbing structure at a place, need to be inspected and cleared on a regular basis. Clogs usually form in the drain pipes causing blockades and problems like: running sinks and toilets, leaking pipes, unpleasant odor and bigger seepage problems. These issues need both time and money to be tackled. So, it’s better to avoid such inconveniences by having routine checkups.

Two of the most advanced and common methods of  cleaning the sewer and drain pipes are hydro jetting and snaking. But in San Diego Hydro Jetting is used more commonly, for the fact that hydro jetting is considered to be a more versatile and powerful method of drain maintenance. 

But it is not a must that what is more common be more feasible for you. So, for you to decide which method to pay for while hiring professionals for sewer maintenance services. A brief  comparison between hydro jetting and snaking is drawn below.

Hydro Jetting

Using this method, a very strong and forceful stream of water is run across the drainage to clean up all dirt, clogs and blockades on it’s way. The water has a pressure of around 3,000 to 8,000 PSL – Depending on the intensity of problem, quality and age of pipes, and finally the gap between maintenance sessions. Hydro jetting removes the blockades to clear the pipes and also doesn’t allow any future clogs by eradicating any formations in the process.


Snaking is done by dropping a cork – screw that is generally used in drill machines attached with an auger using a coil. The auger is snaked and the screw rotates to pave the way forward. It is a more ancient and proven historically effective method.

Hydro jetting is more effective

Though snaking has been a historically effective method but the time calls for more effective tools and methods. And hydro jetting is more effective. In no time the highly pressure water clears the way. It saves both time and labor.

Hydro Jetting is more Impactful

Hydro Jetting is a very powerful method and using the pressure of water roots can be easily removed too. It also clears very harsh clogs formed in long times, while simultaneously also cleaning up any new residuals gathering. While snaking is not very successful for hard and rough clogs on long distances.

Snaking is cheaper

Snaking in a sense of cost is an easier method to adopt as professional plumbers in San Diego can easily remove clogs from the pipes using this manual technique. Hydro Jetting requires a powerful thrust to be produced, and that requires a lot of electricity consumption.

Snaking is more safe

Hydro Jetting uses water pressure of around 3000 – 8000 PSL. And such water pressure can result in damaging pipes of the drainage system. While snaking does cleaning the easier way and pipes stay safe.


None of the methods is better than the other. It is just that while deciding which option to opt for, the situation of the pipes and intensity of the problem must be considered. If the pipes are old and fragile or of low quality, one must not choose hydro jetting for their cleaning. But if pipes are strong, hydro jetting can make their lives last longer by clearing them completely. If the clog is small and not far, snaking is up to the task. Otherwise one should select hydro jetting.

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