Ways to Have Fun in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Things to do in Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is one of the beachfront local neighborhoods in San Diego. This gorgeous beach neighborhood has tons of venues for entertainment, shopping, and food that you shouldn’t miss out on. See also Pacific Beach

Ocean Beach Pier

The Ocean Beach Pier is a great place to watch the sun go down. Plus, it is one of the rare places in California where you can fish without being required to have a fishing license. 

Dog Beach

Dog Beach is located on the tip of the Ocean Beach neighborhood. Dog owners can feel free to take their canine companions off of their leashes at this venue. Any dog lover should visit Dog Beach. See more here.

Ocean Beach Brewing Company

Visitors can enjoy craft beer at Ocean Beach Brewing Company. This venue is only for adults. Children are not welcome.

Farmer’s Market

Between Bacon and Cable Streets in Ocean Beach, there is a farmer’s market that takes place every Wednesday. The market is only open from four o’clock in the afternoon until eight o’clock in the evening. 

Saratoga Park

Body surfers and those who love to boogie board will find Saratoga Park the best place to visit. Ocean access is offered with lifeguards and showers.