Things to do in Pacific Beach

Activities in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Pacific Beach is a beachfront neighborhood of San Diego that borders the Pacific Ocean and Mission Beach. The area is popular among surfers and those who are drawn to the beach. There are a lot of outdoor activities in this neighborhood. 

Ocean Front Walk

This boardwalk runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean, and it is the prime location for those who love to skateboard or roller skate. Tons of shops are located on this boardwalk, in addition to multiple restaurants. 

Crystal Pier

Crystal Pier is one of the most historic landmarks in Pacific Beach. It was built in 1927, but it is privately owned. However, the public can access it during the day. Tons of bars can be found along Crystal Pier, in addition to shops and places to eat. See Old Town, too.  

Palisades Park

Palisades Park is the home to tons of beachfront activities, like yoga. In fact, multiple yoga classes and groups use this location for classes and gatherings. Clicking here will deliver more on San Diego .

San Diego Surf School

Located in North Pacific Beach, the San Diego Surf School can teach you the essentials of surfing. Private and group lessons are offered for people of all ages and skill levels.