San Diego Government

Local Government

San Diego is a metropolitan city that s governed by a mayor. It is the county seat of San Diego County and Metropolitan area. The mayor is supported by a ninety-nine-seat city council that debates and decides on matters involving the City. 

Each of the city councilmen and women represents a small portion of San Diego. San Diego changed its city governing system in 2006. It transitioned from a council-manager government to a stable mayor government, as decided by a citywide vote in 2004. 

The mayor serves as the CEO of the City while his counsel is the legislative arm of his government. The City of San Diego is responsible for police, public safety, streets, water and sewer service, planning and zoning, and similar services within its borders. San Diego is a sanctuary city. Further facts about San Diego, CA can be found here.

State, Federal, and Quasi representation in San Diego

Areas of the City immediately adjacent to San Diego Bay are administered by the Port of San Diego, a quasi-governmental agency that owns all the property in the tidelands and is responsible for its land-use planning, policing, and similar functions. San Diego is a member of the regional planning agency San Diego Association of Governments. Public schools within the City are managed and funded by independent school districts. Information about San Diego Utilities and Infrastructure can be found here.