San Diego Utilities and Infrastructure

San Diego is a large city that houses a large population of residents who need access to the primary utility to survive. The coastal town is designed in such a way that its transport network allows every section to be easily accessible. Some of the basic needs like water are supplied to residents by the Water Department of the City of San Diego. The city receives most of its water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Gas and electric utilities are provided by San Diego Gas & Electric, a division of Sempra Energy. Visit this link for more information.

Transportation Facilities in San Diego, California 

Automobiles are the primary source of transportation for over 80% of the San Diego population. A network of freeways and highways serves San Diego. This includes Interstate 5, which runs south to Tijuana and north to Los Angeles; Interstate 8, which runs east to Imperial County and the Arizona Sun Corridor; Interstate 15, which runs northeast through the Inland Empire to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City; and Interstate 805, which splits from I-5 near the Mexican border and rejoins I-5 at Sorrento Valley. The city also has an extensive network of highways that go in and out of the town. San Diego’s roadway system provides a vast network of cycle routes. Its dry and mild climate makes cycling a convenient year-round option; however, the city’s hilly terrain and long average trip distances make cycling less practicable. Read about San Diego Festivals and Culture here.