Toilet Replacement in San Diego, CA 

How to Tell When You Should Replace Your Toilet

The toilet is an essential part of your home. You don’t think about it much until something goes wrong yet you visit it daily. When your toilet is not functioning as it should, you might not tell if it is time to replace it. An emergency plumber in San Diego can assist you in finding the source of the problem and determining if you need a repair or a replacement. The plumber will also advise you on newer models of toilets that can save you from spending on water bills. Visit this link for San Diego, CA facts.

Recurring Clogs

A constantly clogging toilet might be an indication that it is time to let go of your toilet. It is wiser to replace your toilet rather than keep on paying for unclogging services every week. Information about Flush Down Your Plumbing Troubles in San Diego, CA can be found here.


If there are any cracks in the bowl or tank of your toilet, it is best to replace it soon before there are any leaks.

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Old Age 

On top of having plumbing issues, if your toilet is old, you might want to say goodbye soon.

If you are having toilet troubles, contact PIC Plumbing Services for an emergency plumber in San Diego.