Things to do in Fairmount Park, San Diego, California

Fun Activities and Events in Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is a neighborhood in San Diego that is mostly residential. While it is located just twelve minutes from downtown San Diego, there are still plenty of activities and places of interest in Fairmount Park. It is a good area to live and raise a family without being directly in the city.

Chiquitas Mexican

Anyone who is looking to have a few cocktails and a fine Mexican meal will find this venue to be just what they are looking for. With reasonable prices, it is easy to see why people flock to this restaurant/bar combination. The chile relleno and carne asada burritos are just a few of the items on the menu that drive the taste buds of visitors wild.  More facts can be seen here.

Peppoli’s Pizza and Philly Steak

Those who are in the mood for Italian food will find Peppoli’s Pizza and Philly Steak to be the best place to go. The menu has a huge assortment of items to choose from at fair prices. Visitors won’t be disappointed in their dining experience. Also see Kensington for more great places to eat. 

Captain Sam’s Fish and Chicken

This restaurant is the best place to get Southern comfort food in the Fairmount Park neighborhood. Families are welcome.