San Diego Historical Points and Monuments

The southern Californian town of San Diego is laden with beautiful beaches with sandy shore and white sand beaches. This is a significant attraction to ocean lovers whose vacations are primarily spent on beaches. Tourism has grown over the past decades to become one of the meaningful economic activities in San Diego. The year in the climatic conditions of San Diego makes it the perfect spot for visitors to come to. 

San Diego is also home to other tourist attractions such as  Balboa ParkBelmont amusement park, San Diego ZooSan Diego Zoo Safari Park, and SeaWorld San Diego

San Diego’s Spanish and Mexican heritage is reflected in many historic sites across the city, such as Mission San Diego de Alcalá and Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Also, the local craft brewing industry attracts an increasing number of visitors. The annual San Diego Beer Week, which is hosted in November, has been the stopping place of every beer lover in the Pacific West Coast for the longest time. Visit this link for San Diego, CA facts.

Tourist Attractions in San Diego

San Diego’s cruise ship industry used to be the second-largest in California. Numerous cruise lines operate out of San Diego. However, the cruise ship business has been in decline since 2008, when the Port hosted over 250 ship calls and more than 900,000 passengers. The tourism industry in San Diego employs over 160,000 residents in the area. Visit also about Demographic and Population of San Diego.