San Diego Food Culture and Cuisines

San Diego is home to several diverse cultures, all with unique dishes to explore. The hotel industry in San Diego has outdone itself by providing the best assortment of food and drinks for tourists and residents alike. The food industry has diversified serving cuisines from all over the world. San Diego is home to Chinese, Mexican and Italian restaurants. The five-star hotels in the area have also taken to employing world-class chefs who offer the best in terms of first-class cuisines. Because of its proximity to the sea, San Diego was once known as the Tuna Capital of the world. Seafood restaurants have also opened up all along the Pacific South West. These have become a significant source of revenue for the City. Information can be found here.

World Food Fair San Diego 2019

The 2019 San Diego County Fair was an event that took place in the Del Mar Fairgrounds in July. The annual event usually attracts over 1.6 million visitors to San Diego. It is considered the largest fair in San Diego. Besides going on carnival rides, playing games, and checking out the live concerts, the festival is really about eating and drinking. See here for information about San Diego Military Defenses and Port.