San Diego Commercial Plumber

When in need of a trustworthy San Diego commercial plumber, PIC Plumbing Services is the place to visit. For years, we have been serving San Diego County by providing quality plumbing services at the most competitive price. See further information here.

Why Hiring Us Is Wise

As a company, we understand just how destructive plumbing defects can be. A simple leak could expand over time and flood your house if not sealed quickly. The flooding water may cause significant destruction to your home appliances, electronics, furniture and in severe cases, destabilize your home by weakening its foundation. To avoid such a predicament, it’s usually advisable that whenever you notice a problem with your plumbing system, you should contact a reliable plumbing firm such as PIC Plumbing Services. See also Qualities That Make A Good Plumber.


Over the years, we have handled plenty of plumbing problems for residents of San Diego with the utmost professionalism. As a result of the efficiency of our repairs, we are considered by many to be the top commercial plumbing firm in the county. Comprising well-trained and skilled plumbers, you need not worry as your system is in capable hands.


 By hiring us, you minimize your chances of incurring future extra costs as you’re assured of durable repairs. For a free estimate, dial (800)275-0742.

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