San Diego, A hub Of Military Defenses

In 1852, two years after the United States took full control of the Californian city of San Diego, the set aside the Point Loma Peninsula to serve as a military hotspot. Over the next several decades the¬†Army¬†set up a series of coastal artillery batteries and named the area¬†Fort Rosecrans. In 1901 the United States Navy also established a significant presence in San Diego by setting up a Navy Coaling Station in Point Loma which expanded significantly during the 1920s. By the end of the 30’s San Diego hosted the¬†Naval Base San Diego,¬†Naval Training Center San Diego,¬†San Diego Naval Hospital,¬†Camp Matthews, and¬†Camp Kearny. Camp Kearny was renamed and repurposed to the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Clicking here will deliver more on San Diego, CA.

History of The Aviation City of The West

San Diego set a claim for the aviation title of the west as early as World War 1. The city is home to famous airplane developers and manufacturers like Ryan Airlines which is currently known as¬†Ryan Aeronautical¬†and was founded in 1925, and¬†Consolidated Aircraft¬†which was recently renamed¬†Conair¬†and was founded in 1923. The famous¬†Charles A. Lindbergh’s¬†plane¬†The Spirit of St. Louis¬†was built in San Diego in 1927 by Ryan Airlines.¬†Information about San Diego the Busy Border City of California can be found here.¬†