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How to Stop a Running Toilet with The Help of Plumbing Contractor San Diego CA

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Toilet tanks tend to fill themselves right after use. It is common for toilet tanks to develop a malfunctioning of continuous filling up even after they are filled. Constant running water can bring down the water pressure for your whole house and create anxiety along with water waste. This blog will help you understand the toilet’s working and let you control the mess until your plumber’s arrival. For the service of running toilets, Plumbing Contractor San Diego CA, contact Pic Plumbing to get in touch with their expert technician.

How Your Toilet Should Work

The toilet tank fills on its own up to the watermark after every flush. Upon reaching this point, water shouldn’t be coming into or leaving the tank. Pressing the flush handle pulls up the rubber flapper and allows the tank to release a large amount of water in the toilet. After release, the handle should let the rubber flapper stop the supply of water to the bathroom. But during a malfunction, it doesn’t work as it should be. You may be facing the running toilet. To tackle this, here are some tips to see if you get a fix.

Jiggle the Handle

The flush handle might be stuck and didn’t allow the rubber flapper to stop the water flow. Try jiggling the handle so that it will enable the rubber flapper to work correctly.

Check the Fill Height

The fill height of water might be high enough that causes the water to travel via an overflow tube. Overflow will allow water to enter the toilet even after the tank is full. Lowering the fill height in the tank will prevent the overflow of water.

Check the Flapper

The rubber flapper is supposed to be airtight. If it is not airtight or disintegrated, the tank will not fill up, and water will be running in the toilet.

Replace the Flush Valve

The flush valve kit or gut is used to adjust the chain and tank’s fill height. If the toilet is malfunctioning, you might need to replace it. It can be readily available in hardware and departmental store. Before replacing the gut, shut off the water supply to the tank by toilet rotating the valve. The position of the valve is mostly underneath the bathroom.

Working with Professional Plumbers in San Diego

If you haven’t dealt with this kind of problem or replaced the gut before, then it can be a little difficult for you. In this case, contact Pic Plumbing for the maintenance and repair service of running toilet and Plumbing Contractor San Diego CA. Pic Plumbing is proud to serve San Diego, CA, with their plumbing skills. You can also have a detailed insight on our website regarding other plumbing services, and you will know why you should be choosing us for your plumbing problems. Call us today at (800)-275-0742 and avail our affordable and efficient plumbing services like no other in San Diego, CA.