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Do you have a clogged drain? Don’t worry!

At Pic Plumbing Services, we understand that one of the most common plumbing problems is a clogged drain. Above all, drains are used on a daily basis and over the course of time, things like grease, hair, food and other substances gradually build up inside, and this causes the drain to run slow or get completely clogged. Whenever this happens, it is important that you get help from one of our experienced plumbers, as the unresolved blockages often lead to the inability of using your sink, shower, hot tub and in the worst-case scenario a sewer line backup that can flood your home. 

At Pic Plumbing Services, we understand that one of the best ways to prevent clogged drains is to be mindful of what is going down them. For instance, even if you have the highest horsepower garbage disposal, your kitchen drain will still not be able to dispose of the leftovers effectively. Quite often it happens that our customers ask us, whether or not they should be using liquid drain cleaner. 

Liquid drains cleaners surely are an option but only if the drain is running slow. In case the drain is already clogged, using a liquid drain cleaner will never help. In fact, it will add more to the problem. Best is to break through the clog with a snake or through hydro-jetting. 

Pic Plumbing Services has years of experience in the plumbing industry. We have the knowledge, skill and expertise to handle any clogged drain with ease and our plumbers are experienced and trained to handle any kind of plumbing problems. We can quickly respond to your requests 24/7, 365 days a year. We proudly guarantee all of our parts and services, and ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. 

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Here are some reasons why our customers love our work:

  • We offer the most honest and trustworthy service in the San Diego county
  • 24/7 services available in case of emergency
  • We offer warranty on all of our work
  • We take pride on our hard work and quality craftsmanship
  • Our work truly reflects the skills of our experienced technicians

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Coming Up with Alternative Solutions

At PIC Plumbing, we live up to the name of our company and we make this possible by providing alternative solutions to every problem in a much affordable and efficient way. Our San Diego plumbing company is determined to ensure that your pipes and all plumbing appliances are working optimally. This is the reason our customers rely on us for all of their plumbing problems that they face throughout the year.

Types of Plumbing Services We Offer

Offering 24/7 Emergency Services

If you ever face an emergency situation, you should do two things. First, stay calm secondly, reach for your phone to call us. We offer 24/7 plumbing services and can tackle virtually any emergency service that you might be facing at home right now.

In case it is a burst pipe, quickly reach to water shut-off valves as soon as possible, if it is safe for you to do so. If you suspend the use of plumbing fixtures, this would be perfect until we arrive at your location. We claim ourselves to be the best plumbing services company in San Diego. We take great care of your safety and that you should call us right away to get a free of cost plumbing service estimate from some of our top-rated plumbers.

As a team that is dedicated to easing your troubles with our water, sewer, and gas line services, you can trust PIC Plumbing. Contact us at any time.