Mission Statement

PIC Plumbing Business Creed and Philosophy

This is the manor in which our team conducts ourselves, leading the industry and creating success through a strong professional reputation and work place excellence through communication, reliability, responsiveness, appearance and attitude.
Honesty, honor and moral principles are the foundation and compass of PIC which fosters a valuable and trusting relationship with our clients. Our culture and uncompromising ethical principles and values generate lasting relationships with our clients.
PIC is dedicated to satisfying our clients through perseverance, hard work and completion of assigned tasks. Commitment is integral in our success as a company and shows our clients respect and appreciation.
PIC Plumbing Services is a service and repair company fostering lasting relationships with our clients through professionalism, integrity and commitment unparalleled in the industry. We offer the latest technology and equipment coupled with the highest standard of workmanship and ethics setting us apart in the industry. We strive to be the very best through these principals and consistently provide our clients with exceptional service and products. “We are building a family one client at a time”.
PIC Plumbing Service San Diego