Backflow in San Diego, CA

All You Need to Know Backflow Prevention Devices

It is no joke when you experience a backflow. The reversal flow of used water into the clean water contaminates the clean water making it unfit for human consumption. A backflow prevention device stops all that from happening by using check valves. It closes the check valves to prevent water from backing up into the water supply line. Further facts about San Diego, CA can be found here.

When to Test Your Backflow Prevention Device

Backflow testing makes sure that your drinking water is not being contaminated by the dirty water entering the water supply. It is a requirement that you have your backflow prevention device tested immediately upon installation. After installation, you should have the device checked annually by a San Diego Commercial Plumber. Discover facts about Best Plumbing Company in San Diego, CA

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Best Backflow Device Installation and Repair Company

PIC Plumbing Services is a fully certified plumbing company; they can inspect your backflow prevention device and determine if it is working effectively. Their technicians can newly install a backflow prevention device or repair damaged ones. They are expert specialists in backflow prevention matters. 

Hire a San Diego Commercial Plumber and be guaranteed to get the highest quality at the best prices.