Affordable Drain Service In San Diego

Ever since its entry into the market, PIC Plumbing Services has constantly proven itself as a top plumbing firm in San Diego. Keen to assist all our clients, we have expanded not only in size but also in terms of the variety of services we offer. Learn more here.

Services Available and Why They’re Dependable

Apart from our affordable drain service in San Diego, we also provide services such as general professional plumbing, experienced hydro-jetting, quality repairs of gas and water leaks. At our firm, we also specialize in the installation and repair of water, sewer and gas lines as well as our renowned water damage restoration service.  

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Unlike below-average plumbing firms, we offer a full one-year warranty for services carried out by our specialists. No client should ever have to bear the burden of paying extra for shoddy work done by their hired plumbers. Although we rarely carry out less than perfect repairs and installations, on the minor occasions that we may do so, we are willing to pay the expenses that arise entirely. Discover facts about Why You Need to Hire A Professional Plumber.


Ranked as one of the top plumbing firms in the state of California, PIC Plumbing Services is capable of handling any plumbing issue you may have. For assistance, contact us on (800)275-0742.