Activities in National City, California

Things to do in National City, California

National City, California is nestled in South Bay, which is part of the San Diego metropolitan area. As the second oldest city in San Diego County, there are plenty of things for people to enjoy in National City. 

National City Public Library 

The National City Public Library is a free venue where families can enjoy literature and other forms of educational media. While there aren’t any tours offered, there are plenty of resources for travelers. Plus, it is a cool and relaxed place to enjoy a good book. See further information here.

Pepper Park

Pepper Park has a clean and safe playground that accommodates children of all ages. Not only can visitors enjoy the gorgeous natural views, but this is also a great place to enjoy a picnic. Those who love fishing will find the pier at this venue great for night fishing. Discover Balboa Park here

Steal and Escape

Those who love games will find this escape room challenge to be on a whole new level of excitement. This interactive adventure game takes players to another place and time while allowing them to interact with key elements of their environment. Groups will find this venue a great way to kill some time while having some fun.